Adam Hires- Last heavy session before RUM 5

Create: 01/06/2012 - 03:15
Here is footage of Adam "Hulk" Hires last heavy deadlift session before RUM 5 Is this footage he does 785 for 1 single, then 805 for 1 then a down set with 675 plus green bands. Check it out!


Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
This dude is ready to pulll some shittttttttttt!!!!!!! Can't wait to share the platform and be on the same team as this freak. Adam what are you thinking of opening with?

Submitted by hulk242 on
Thanks guys. The honor will be mine. I am a fan of a lot of my competitors. Jason-Around 750. Adam Hires Customized Routines Hulk Training Systems @