Australia’s Strongest Man- Warwick Brant

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Australia’s Strongest Man, Warwick Brant recently competed at the CAPO (WPC) Australian National Championships. He went 355kg/212.5kg/355kg – 922.5kg (782/468/782 – 2033lbs) raw. It's the biggest raw total ever in Australia. Here is video of a very easy 355kg (782.6) squat.


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Warwick didnt really extend himself till the deadlift. He attempted 371kg (817lb), beltless, but couldnt lock it out.

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That is impressive it looked like he could have repped that for a few reps. Very strong no doubt what so ever on depth. Ken Ufford

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If he had confidence he could do more he would have. He's obviously a freak of nature that he can front squat what he regular squats but I guarentee that if he could have done significantly more he would have. That or he isn't a competitor, one or the other. I loved the depth, no second guessing on that.

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Warrick is a Strongman, not a powerlifter. He competes on the WSM tour. He will only do a PL comp if his Strongman schedule allows You saw the squat, did it look like a max attempt. He set the biggest total of our Nationals, raw, the biggest equipped total was 915kg. Either way, saying he isnt a competitor, when he breaks the total raw record, his own, by 12.5kg is a stretch. He did what he had to do

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I thought Australia's Strongest Man was clearly Derek Boyer, who has won the title for 12 consecutive years(including 2011), setting many records and even Guinness World Records along the way. The title of this page does him a disservice, and should be changed to reflect the truth(and possibly to avoid legal blowback).

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I wont get involved in the Politics, because I hate them. Derek and Boyer appear destined to never compete head to head. I know them both, fantastic guys. At the 2010, Derek set the raw record total with 880kg. He also had the Oz deadlift record at 370kg. He no longer has either. George McLaren also totalled 902.5kg raw, he too is a Strongman. Derek and Warrick both compete raw, in the WPC, yet we knew only Warrick would be lifting at Nats. Warrick has competed twice this year in PL, Derek hasnt at all. As far as the Strongman politics goes, I know nothing, only whispers. Somebody with more knowledge might need to chip in. Everyone in Australia would love to see them go head to head in Powerlifting. At the moment, Warrick has by far the bigger total in Powerlifting in Australia, its now up to Derek.

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For the record, in 2010 Derek went 320/215/345 - 880kg This year, Warrick went 355/212.5/355 - 922.5kg George went 330/200/372.5 - 902.5kg