Today's Greatest SHW

Wed, 05/10/2006 - 15:50 -- admin
Brian Siders
42% (290 votes)
Garry Frank
14% (96 votes)
Jeff Lewis
5% (34 votes)
Andy Bolton
24% (164 votes)
Donnie Thompson
5% (36 votes)
Nick Minneti
2% (15 votes)
Josh Bryant
2% (13 votes)
Paul Childress
3% (20 votes)
Chad Aichs
3% (20 votes)
Total votes: 688


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Brian Siders is one of the strongest humans in the world today- raw! He competes in single ply and has flawless squat depth which makes me proud to lift in one of the only federations that takes pride in having its lifters truly squat- not quarter squats in triple canvas in a monolift with feet pressing againts supports and ridiculus excitemnt for white lighted jokes. If powerlifting is to move forward and have a fair chance at becoming a dignified sport lifters need to show respect to strength and technique and hang up denim or wear it in jeans. Siders for president!

Submitted by admin on
So you don't think Siders has to compete and win in the multiply feds to be crowned the king of supers?

Submitted by Mike Miller (not verified) on
it's kind of a simple answer Gary frank has the highest total...that usually means your number 1

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
While I agree with the comments made about Siders in the first post 100%, my vote has to go to Andy Bolton. 971lb DEADLIFT with a singlet only, (THAT IS ALL I SHOULD HAVE TO SAY)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To be fair, Siders is awesome and I love the fact that he does a lot raw od in single ply but I think that as stated above, a 971lb deadlift in a singlet is simply awesome. Andy Bolton will also pull the first 1000lb later this year, he's already doing triples with 410kgs (902lbs for the yanks amongst us)!!

Submitted by Andy Bolton's l... (not verified) on
Jeff Lewis si just a fat fool who only does knee bends for his squats, his squats at this year's arnold's were pathetic and the judging was even worse for passing them. Mr. Bolton was the true winner of that comp - and they all know that!

Submitted by Wilber (not verified) on
All SHWs stated above are great in some way. You can't arguee that. Siders is deffently the strongest IPF lifter in the USA and the world for that matter making a 2500 total in single ply gear, that's what the average SHW can do in 2 ply gear. Bolton is consistant in 1100 squats and 900+ deadlifts. Frank too is consistant with high totals. Chad Aichs keeps getting stronger and Josh Bryant, like Siders, is awesome RAW. When it comes to comparing SHWs, compare them is the same gear or RAW.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
mike miller"mule" best squatter in the world and dont talk shit because no one else besides jeff lewis handled that weight but jeff weighs 550. mike broke the record recently to become # 1 again. andy bolton is the best deadlifter in the world bar none, he will hit 1000 soon. brian siders would be the best for raw strength overall i beleive he can bench 650 raw squat 800+ raw and dead that to. gary frank is the king overall in gear he totalled 2805 he definately set the bar high in powerlifting for geared lifters. so everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. i cant beleive chuck vogelpohl isnt on here, he's got to be pound for pound the strongest, besides coan.

Submitted by winston on
andy bolton is great but to ee the deadlift records jump from 933 four years ago to 1000pounds is hard to comprehend for me at least bolton is with mAGNUSSON THE GREATEST DEADLIFTER