Where Is Brian Siders?

Create: 11/15/2005 - 12:27
There's talk around the forums about Brian Siders missing the IPF Worlds this last weekend. The US finished in third place behind a powerful Russian team and Poland. Siders presence probably would have meant a second place finish for the American team. Vladimir Bondarenko ended up taking the superheavyweight class with a 2,434 pound total. There's lots of speculation why Siders missed the Worlds, but from what I can determine, no firm answer. His website doesn't offer any clues either. The last update there was in May. Forum chatter includes:

Siders apparently pulled or ripped an ab muscle shortly before this. A guy that works with Kennelly periodically apparently was talking to him at the BB4$ and it was brought up.

He had an injury to his ribs believe

I read he pulled an oblique muscle. May have even been an avolsion (spelling) which i think is when a piece of bone comes comes with the muscle pull.

There's even some speculation that he has been caught using a banned substance:

is he on a 2yr holiday? i wouldnt have thought hed be careless enough to get caught.

Aaron Lawrence responds to that

Brian seriously injured himself during training...And for the wise ass comment.. I have known Brian since he was 18 when he as a freshman at Glenville State college, and he has NEVER used anabolics. Brian doesn't need me to defend him, but ignorant statements like those, show ones worth or lack of.

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I've also heard he had an avulsion just prior to the worlds, actually I heard it before the worlds. It was being talked about on the CPU forums.

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It's somewhat surprising that Siders' camp hasn't made this known. For one of America's best lifters to not lift in the biggest event in his federation, arguably the worlds premier federation, is news. You would think at least his website would make mention of it. If Tiger Woods wasn't playing in the Masters, you'd know about it.