Brad Vargason Sets 181 IPA World Record

Create: 11/15/2005 - 10:11
Brad Vargason set the powerlifting World Record in the 181 pound class at the IPA Senior Nationals this weekend. Vargason squatted 830, benched 600 and deadlifted 690 for a 2,120 total. That was while only hitting five of his nine lifts. Apparently he was sick leading right up to the event. Vargason's goal is 2,250 as a 181 within a year. As often seems the case the achievement is questioned by others in the powerlifting community. Rick Kaminski calls into question Vargason's bench saying

it appeared fat miller helped you lock out 2 inches of your bench by placing his hands on the bar.

Brad responds to a similar comment on Monster Muscle

A few things bud. First Chaillet even encouraged people to get their hands closer if not touching the bar because one guy had is bicep torn off trying to spot. Second you and Cartinian and who ever else had a beef with Mike's spot on one side can kiss my ass. If you guys think for one second that one guy touching on one side is going to help a 3.5+ times bodyweight bench move then you are a jealous idiot. Third it was my opener and if anyone thinks for one second that if I was red lighted on my opener for that that I couldn't do it on a second or a third then you don't know me as a person or a lifter.

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