Bombing At A Meet

Create: 11/14/2005 - 09:45
Some interesting perspectives in a thread at Go Heavy about bombing out at a meet. The original poster asks

IF a lifter bombs at a meet say in the bp ,the lifter is out of it...Would it be better if the lifter was allowed to continue....Its a bit unlikely that the lifter will win anyway but it would be better for the lifter to complete all lifts...It seems wrong that a lifter could train real hard up to a meet ,fly a long distance then bomb and the meet is over for him.

He reasons that letting the lifter continue is

It could give a lifter a bit more feedback on how they could have done along with more lifts for the spectators.To not allow a lifter to continue to lift after bombing sounds a bit like a soccer game when one side is down four goals with ten minutes or something to go and stopping the game then because it looks like its over anyway.

Mike Armstrong points out that at the world level the IPF now allows lifters to complete each lift even if they've bombed on a previous one. The top lifters in each of the three lifts are recognized whether they've bombed or not. However, they still don't allow that lifter to set a total. Allan Siegel thinks setting your opener is an important part of powerlifting

That's why you better pick an opener that you can lift and not gamble.........When you gamble you either win or lose...Picking your openers is, and should be, "PART OF THE GAME THAT WE PLAY."

Mark Harris offers a hard line response

If you bomb out of the meet in the bench or squat you should not be allowed to set a record in the dead-lift. That is what the competition is all about, you must be successful in all three lifts in order to place in the meet or set records in a full meet event. These rules will never change and should'nt.