Jeff Lewis' 1,202 Pound World Record Squat Video

Create: 11/11/2005 - 15:36

It's not the greatest quality, but here's the video of Jeff Lewis hitting his 1,202 squat two weeks ago in Chicago at the WPO Semis. Thanks to johnnyfive over at Fortified Iron.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First off why is anyone impressed with a 500lb plus guy squatting 1,200 lbs he looks like he ate his mom... he can't even deadlift 700lbs.

Submitted by Stinn on
I'm not going to defend his weight or any of the "new breed" of super super heavy weights but if you think all you need to do to lift 1200lbs is weigh 500lbs then why don't you give it a try. 1200lbs is still impressive, however body weight ratio it's not that impressive at all. It's 2.4Xbodyweight which is nothing if you look at the smaller guys who lift 3,4 or more times their bodyweight.

Submitted by admin on
It is still over 1200 pounds. That alone makes it an impressive achievement. Would it have been more impressive if he was a 380 super? Probably. Is it more impressive to see a 198 do, say 700 pounds? I think many would argue that it is. Many others wouldn't agree. Whichever side you're on, you've got to acknowledge that Jeff Lewis has squatted the most weight in the world.

Submitted by John (not verified) on
That lift was a joke! I can't believe that he got credit for that. It was maybe halfway down. Just watch the video's of ed coan or Brian Siders & you will see what I mean. No wonder why alot of people think WPO is a joke

Submitted by admin on
Sure some powerlifters squat deep, like Coan, Siders and Karwoski. But that doesn't necessarily mean that those who don't get to that depth are not breaking parallel. From what I could see from the video, Lewis' squat looks pretty good. I certainly wouldn't characterize it as a half squat. Take a look at some of the video floating around from other squats if you want to see some that are not even close. The WPO sure has been taking a beating, perhaps deservedly so, as a result of judging at meets in the last couple of weeks. I wonder if any of the outcry will result in judging changes in upcoming meets?

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on
True, a 500 pound man squating 1200 isn't an impressive ratio, especially for one who is so experienced. But like it or not he does have the record now. I saw the video too and I think the depth of Jeff's squat was questionable. I've seen higher squats called good, but I think if it is a record attempt, there should be no doubt that it was good. Jeff's attempt leaves doubt. He owes it to the powerlifting community to prove he is worthy of that record.

Submitted by admin on
If it looks close on video, I'm always going to give the lifter and the judges the benefit of the doubt. They were there, they know more than I do about that lift. Particularly because video can be deceptive when used to ascertain squat depth. However, as you said, some of the squats that are getting passed aren't even borderline. When I see those, even on video, I feel confident saying they weren't legal. Hopefully, we'll get to see Jeff or someone else shatter the record soon. I wonder whether that could occur, oh sometime in March... maybe at the Arnold.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
bare in mind, it might not be impressive to is ratio. but think of this. slowly but surely as each lifter wants to lift more weight they have to put on more muscle mass, if it kept on going up evenly then jeff should be lifting like 2000+ lbs which would be horrific. instead, if you put it up against a graph, slowly but surely the weight of the lifter compared to how much he can lift starts to even out instead of one side of it going straight up. its all rational...besides, before anyone bitchs about whether jeff is genuine or not, i suggest the same people who claim it to be not impressive gain 450lbs and try and lift that weight

Submitted by Jon S. (not verified) on
there's 500 pounders out there who probably couldn't even lift their balls of the floor. the man is a beast. it's 1200 lbs, enough said.

Submitted by Tanya Bradley (not verified) on
Hey! I am Jeffs cousin and let me tell you, he is genuine and he is not doing any drugs. He is a wonderful person who gets the short end of the stick alot. And you bashers need to just lay off. He does not need your crap either. We are very proud of him in our family and we are glad to see him going for what he wants. How many random 539lbs men do you see actually walking around in this world? Just one to my knowledge. Not even some of the other powerlifters are as big as he is. He makes most powerlifters look little. I have been to a powerlifting match and had the privilage of talking with some of the other powerlifters and they are all impressed with Jeff and his size. So why can't simple minded fools be? Jeff never asked for any of this... it just fell into his lap. So leave him alone and if you think you can do any better than him... By all means do it, but until you do... Shut your mouth.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hello! i,am a Jeff Lewis fan from Sweden and my goal is to be as big and strong as him one day, I have one question, does anyone know Jeffs chest measurement and leg measurement??