Watch Powerlifting Live at the Arnold!

Create: 03/04/2011 - 04:30
Hello everyone: For those of you that can not make it to watch powerlifting at the 2011 Arnold Sports festival, we have a set up below so you will not miss the action. Lifting is scheduled to start Friday March 4th at 9am.
The meet schedule is: schedule of events
Friday, March 4 NAPF/ USAPL Raw Challenge Session 1 starts 9am, Session 2 starts 1pm. Roster
Saturday, March 5 NAPF Brown's Gym American Invitational Powerlifting Championship Session 1 starts 9am, Session 2 starts 1pm Roster
Sunday, March 6 IPF Titan Pro Bench Press Bash Championship Starts 10am. Roster
Possibly the USAPL Ohio Invitational Push Pull Starting at 1pm. Roster


Submitted by eggsurplus on
My guess is that the push/pull will follow the pro bench immediately.

Submitted by Tom Eiseman on
Tom Eiseman I saw on facebook Ian Bell pulled 788 at ? bodyweight. Any reults from the arnold DL?