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Create: 11/11/2005 - 12:09
Andy Bolton has a few comments in a thread at PowerliftingUK. At one point a poster questions Andy's ability to lift with a regular bar. Andy responds

who is this guy who says i cannot d.lift on a reg bar how the fuck does he think i train i use a reg bar and have pulled over 420 on it in training he needs to keep his mouth shut

He also adds his view of challenger Benni Magnusson

yes benni is good but he is not in the same class as me end of

Andy promises to bring the deadlift world record back to England

benni might have taken my d.lift but that will not be for long it will be coming back to england very soon now that i am 100% sure about


Submitted by simon (not verified) on
I just saw the 933 deadlift and thought it was f****** unbelievable..As a 27yr old english guy..That made me very proud..Keep up the excellent work andy!!!!

Submitted by admin on
The showdown at the Arnolds in March should be something special. I think Andy wants to show everyone that he is the best deadlifter.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
andy bolton is not only the best deadlifter, but he can very well be the best squatter if he enterd a squat only meet. if he brings his bench up he'll beat franks total

Submitted by Matt Defore on
andy might break another record short term, but its undeniable that bennie will take the record in the end. bennie has much time on his side that andy doesnt have. this guy might pull as much as 1100 before he peaks in the years to come

Submitted by Matt Defore on
benni is close to 1000 and is only 21. who knows where he will be in 10 years. its extreme, but i would believe it

Submitted by Sam Byrd (not verified) on
Andy Bolton is a machine among men! I think he is the strongest man in the world. PERIOD! I know Kaz said he thought it was Zedrunis Savickus, and maybe for WSM competions, but for the power lifts, Andy cannot be beaten. an 1150 squat in gear and he claims he can do a grand raw which i dont doubt. He has benched 600 raw in comp, and pulls 971! 2571.... RAW! I cant wait to watch him pull a grand very soon!

Submitted by winston on
how in earth can someone pulls 1000 pounds i mean he could rep out with 900 pounds . bolton is beyond belief or what.