2010 Powerlifting Gym of the Year

Mon, 12/27/2010 - 01:27 -- admin
Wild Iron Gym
1% (32 votes)
Big Iron Gym
6% (136 votes)
Super Training Gym
3% (77 votes)
Lexen Xtreme
1% (25 votes)
Orlando Barbell
1% (29 votes)
Gorilla Pit
2% (59 votes)
Zenzen Barbell
4% (90 votes)
Celli's Fitness Center
2% (45 votes)
North Georgia Barbell
2% (51 votes)
Diablo Barbell
1% (17 votes)
Tampa Barbell
1% (16 votes)
Bad Attitude Gym
1% (14 votes)
Jackal's Gym
2% (53 votes)
Westside Barbell
15% (365 votes)
Orange County Strength Club
1% (24 votes)
Jakked Hardcore Gym
26% (624 votes)
26% (628 votes)
Monster Garage Gym
2% (40 votes)
Lance's Gym
5% (122 votes)
Total votes: 2447


Submitted by rmichie on
Gotta go with zenzen. Aapf and upa national champs. Some notable performances: Eric lilliebridge. 2072 RAW total. Highest amongst any teen!! Number 3 raw total behind only kk and rhino. Corey akers 964 squat and 2400 total at 242. Seconds at apf seniors at 220 class Matt minuth, number 3 all time bench at 242 at 847 Ernie lilliebridge jr had a 711 deadlift as a 220 jun ior! Sick Senior has a 777 deadlift and 750 plus squat at 308 as drug free at awpcs I believe. Raw mind you Dick zenzen is a 25 or so time world champ and our coach Anthony steil has the number 2 raw total in the 181 class. Did it at upa nats Seaver mattison is a freak at 165 and will total ten times bodyweight soon. Zach zenzen has multiple nat records with a 1906 total as a 220 jr. Dave murph has a 573 bench at 248 and got best lifter at awpcs. Wt franklin has gotten 4 straight best lifter awards Can't forget pete arroyo. Real asset to the team. About a 900 lb squatter, 660 bencher and 670 deadlift. Chuck morse a 148er with a top 10 squat as a submaster And me, lol, ryan michie 700/500/515 Matt mulhearn 181er, 600 lb bencher. Tank cheney 650 lb bencher, a junior Many more but ill save some space We haven't lost a meet in 4 years and are best team last 3 andwon the last awpc world trophy given. Zenzen barbell find us on facebook

Submitted by JenGimmell on
No Jakked Hardcore Gym?! Featured hardcore gym in PL USAs December 2010 issue.... I vote Jakked Hardcore :)

Submitted by admin on
[quote=JenGimmell]No Jakked Hardcore Gym?! Featured hardcore gym in PL USAs December 2010 issue.... I vote Jakked Hardcore :)[/quote] Added

Submitted by Jani Murtomäki on
How about Bullfarm from Finland? I think there is also some best lifters from all around the world.

Submitted by Kevin E. Robinson on
The Iron Chamber Gym out of Canton, Ohio is the gym of the year. They have several World Champs in at least 3 federations. Google, Youtube, Facebook or just ask around about them! Best of ALL! They are DRUG FREE. The ICG 2010 GYM OF THE YEAR. Kevin E. Robinson Frienship is Essential to the Soul! Romans 8:31