Should a lifter's passed lift count towards the alltime records if he bombs out at the end of the meet?

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 19:10 -- admin
42% (154 votes)
58% (216 votes)
Total votes: 370


Submitted by mastermonster on
Buddy McKee. Proudly sponsored by Titan Support Systems Inc. and 'Monster Barbell' Training Log: / Pro Journals. "Mastermonster's Quest for the Records" I'd rather see a lift count when a guy is going all out on all the lifts than to see records broken with only tokens taken on all other lifts. If you go all out, sometimes you bomb.

Submitted by AbeHarrod on
Why wouldn't they count? You could do bench or deadlift only and they would count!! If your going to go this route you must only honor lifts that were done in a full meet which throws out a lot of current benches and deadlifts! -Abe Harrod

Submitted by Ed Kutin on
Tough as a "yes or no" question. If you are maintaining powerlifting records, where the lifts must be achieved in 3 lift contests, then the answer is clearly no. If you are counting lifts achieved in single lift contests, then it would seem reasonable to count them, but then you could be in the bizarre situation of counting a lift that the federation in which it was performed doesn't count.