Squat Depths Questioned from WPO Semis

Create: 11/08/2005 - 14:34
There's a lot of talk around the forums about the depth of the squats which were getting white lights at the recent WPO Semis in Chicago. It seems famed powerlifter Ed Coan is right in the center of all the action. He was at the meet and apparently has issues with the judging of the depth of the squats, especially on Sunday.

The Sunday lifting had very, very, lax judging. Don't put words in my mouth. IPF depth? No way.


Actually, if they judged like they are supposed to according to their own rules, Chuck and almost every other lifter would bomb. The squat were not even close in Chicago. No agenda, just the truth.

Billy Carpenter in a Monster Muscle thread questions Ed's agenda:

No, I dont respect his opinion. There is more behind it with Ed. He is biased against the WPO. He had a fall out with KK a while back. Plus he is a big supporter of USPF. So why come to a WPO meet act like your everyones friend than leave and bad mouth the lifting??

The discussions mostly examine WPO judging and powerlifting judging in general. Some threads: Monster Muscle 2> Gibson Powerlifting APF Outlaws Added: Another APF Outlaws thread has begun.


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Squat depth in the WPO? Is this really an issue. Watch the videos. All of them are way high. Everyone knows that you can get away with high squats in the WPO. And what is really amazing, the lifters who do the high squats, actually celebrate their lifts. They gear is outrageous, the squats are high, that would be embarassing to me. Well to each his own.