Which event would you participate in at RUM 4?

Sun, 09/12/2010 - 01:00 -- admin
Deadlift only
72% (162 votes)
Deadlift for reps
28% (63 votes)
Total votes: 225


Submitted by Steve Winburn on
Wouldn't mind doing both. Is it possible to be a full competitor and count your best pull for the deadlift only, should you be so inclined?

Submitted by Elder on
I think the last thing raw unity needs is a rep competition. Its ok to put the strength of powerlifters into different perspective for people that aren't powerlifters at events like the olympia/arnold to understand... but I think most people that will be at raw unity don't need strength put into a different light.

Submitted by hulk242 on
I am not a fan of "specialist." So, I would say at least make it interesting with a rep comp. Adam Hires

Submitted by Jacob S. Gunter on
I am not a Fan of REPS. Maybe they should just put on a strongman competition instead. I though RUM was a powerlifting meet. Jacob S. Gunter Utah Powerlifting

Submitted by John M King on
I'd love to see a bench for reps contest. Why not have a reps contest for each event? Aside from interest lifters may have in competing, I think it's something else spectators and online viewers would enjoy seeing.

Submitted by West Texas Hous... on
Dont turn it into a strength exhibition like Seanzilla did with his Clash of the Titans. Deadlift only would be ok but no reps your meet is too good for that.

Submitted by kevinp on
Deadlift only. By the way is the deadlift only invite only this year? Are you automaticly invited back if you competed last year? Thanks!