Create: 09/11/2010 - 00:30
We know you live for powerlifting, and it is probably a pretty safe guess that you might love football as well. With that said, HAIL Magazine (a new, FREE, online magazine about the Redskins) has just put out its second issue. In this issue HAIL interviews NFL Defensive End and off season competitive powerlifter, Phillip Daniels. It is no secret that 15 years in the NFL is nearly unheard of, especially for a lineman. What is secret no longer is that Phillip Daniels attributes his years of success in large part to our sport...the sport of POWERLIFTING! Click the link below to read an amazing article from HAIL Magazine writer Brian Murphy on what one of the longest lasting NFL players (drafted in 1996 and still making sacks) thinks about powerlifting, competitions, co-owning a powerlifting gym. This interactive article (video, text and photos) puts powerlifting front and center which is an absolute positive for the powerlifting community.