WPO Powerlifting Semi Finals (Heavyweight & Superheavyweight Divisions) - Finland

Create: 11/06/2005 - 17:27
The results are in for the Heavyweights and Supers from the WPO Semis in Finland. Andy Bolton ran away with the Superheavyweight class while totaling 2723 pounds. Donnie Thompson, reigning WPO Super Open Championship champion, followed with 2585 pounds. And who had the best deadlift? Benedikt Magnusson with a new world record, 970 pound/440 kg pull, on his second attempt. He missed 1003 pounds on his third attempt. Bolton pulled 942 pounds on his first attempt. He then missed an attempt at 972 to take the world record from Magnusson. Incidently, Magnusson only totalled 1543 pounds, as his plan was to do a squat and bench that got him on the board. On each of those lifts he only registered a 287 pound lift. The Heavyweights saw Istvan Arvai take the crown with a 2425 pound total followed by Oleksiy Solovyov at 2364 pounds.