Powerlifters' Day Jobs

Create: 11/06/2005 - 13:10

Light thread over at Nazareth Barbell asking members what their day jobs are.

It seems to me that most powerlifters don't have strenuous manual labor type jobs. It just makes it so hard to do the work in the weight room after pounding it all day long. Those that do have a lot of will and endurance.


Submitted by Gojira on
I work as an environmental specialtist for the Ohio EPA, I hold three science degrees, including a Masters of Science in Biolology, and a minor in Chemistry. So dont't think we are all day laborers, or constuction workers. If you poll most power lifters, I think you would be surprised by how many professionals are powerlift for a hobby or compete on a national level. I know several lawyers at my gym who take their training very seriously. personally I am a competitive powerlifter, I hold 6 World Records, and a bunch of National Records. I believe on this board, I am ranked #5 for my weight class (165) and #3 in the Womens Masters. I have a very famous picture of Shannon Hartnett (google her) hanging in my office. you know what she does for a living-she's a marine biologist, very cool.