world database of meets, results, lifters etc..

Create: 07/05/2010 - 01:44
Andrei Kovalenko and Pyotr Kravtsov made a powerlifting searchable interactive database of federations, meet results, records, chronology of records, where anyone can add federations, meet results, publish records and any documents, simply by registering on their site. Also anyone can add video and photo to lifters, meets and even every attempts on the meet scoresheet. Also the site can be translated to any language. Now it already has english, russian, ukrainian and deutsch language versions. Also the is the international calendar of meets with inline entry forms and documents publishing. Any meet director can add his events to the calendar, publish its documents and update it, and to receive online applications from the athletes. Of course the calendar has the search, and any lifter can find the meets he desired to visit this or next year. To meet directors and federations officials: add your federations, and your meets, add your athletes, add your records, add your records chronology, add your events and documents, add the history of powerlifting. It doesn't matter where you are. In USA, in Austalia or in Mongolia. Any federation can be added and will be available in world database. Help to create all time history of ALL POWERLIFTING. No need to contact anyone to publish information. You can do it by yourself! Here is the link