Learning from Ismo Lappi

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At 2001's IPF Worlds, Ismo Lappi from Finland deadlifted 749 pounds in the 165 lb. weight class for a world record. Here is the video:
In addition to the extraordinary speed of the lift, Lappi's setup maximized his natural advantages. Specifically, after taking in his air and setting his back, Lappi bent his knees until he could grip the bar, stopped bending, then started the pull. By not excessively bending his knees, Lappi preserved the mechanical benefit of his arm length and placed his torso in an optimal position at the start. This is most evident at 18 seconds of the previous video. A variation of this start position with a pre-stretch of the hamstrings can be seen in Viktor Furashkin's style:
For further discussion of this subject, you can read "Long Arms, High Hips, Strong Deadlifts." by clicking here meet results 2001


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This inspires to me to quit trying to worry about leg drive so much and use my natural advantages. I am 5'10 with a 74" wing span and I can relate to this article.

Michael Hart