OC USAPL Championship Write Up; Chris Smith Hits 2 NY State Records

Create: 06/15/2010 - 09:41
Below is meet director Dale Hammond's meet write up for the USAPL Orange County Powerlifting Championships that took place in Pine Bush, New York. In his first meet, Chris Smith (148) broke 2 New York state records. Videos of Smith can also be seen below. John Bogart competed as well. "I just wanted to say the 2010 Orange County Powerlifting Championship in Pine Bush NY was a huge success. Frank Panaro and Orange County Powerlifters had it a fantastic venue. A lot of great veterans and whole bunch of new faces came, and put on a fantastic meet. State and personal records were broken all over the place. Chris Smith at his first meet broke 2 NY records in 148 Raw with a 303.13 Squat and 198.42 Bench. Ella Byant at 65 hit an 82lb Raw Bench, Robin Goldstein hit a 98.21 Raw Bench and Olga Ceresnak hit a 154lb Raw bench at 132. BilliJo Brown of OC Powerlifters got a 220 raw squat for a new state record and Katia Porretta also of OC Powerlifters set another NYS total record in the 105 Raw with a total of 561.6. Ray Brunk had a great meet in the 220 open with a 1675.44 total. James Golembieski, who gets stronger every meet hit 1361.34 total at 165 open. Stevan Roy got a 1339.29 total in the 220 Raw. John Bogart in the SHW Open Bench Only hit a 677.91 bench with ease missing a 733 attempt. Pat Carrol hit a 363.76 Bench in the 181 open and Kevin Johnson hit a 606.27 in the SWH Open as well. Thanks to Frank Panaro for his years of dedication and running such a fantastic meet. A big thanks to all the spotters, loaders, officials, and people who volunteered there time to make sure the meet goes smooth, fair, and safe. It is truly a pleasure being part of such a great organization and a fantastic sport. Once again I thank all of you again, another big step for the USAPL and USAPL NY." -- Dale Hammond State Chairman USAPL NY
Here is Smith's 303 pound NY State Record Squat at 148:
Here is Smith's 198 pound NY State Record Bench Press:
Here is Smith's 402 pound deadlift: