Video Replay In Powerlifting

Wed, 03/15/2006 - 14:48 -- admin
49% (117 votes)
30% (72 votes)
With Certain Restrictions
22% (52 votes)
Total votes: 241


Submitted by Clint Williamson (not verified) on
Video review would be great in powerlifting. it would be especially beneficial for the super heavy guys with really thick legs that make it hard for judges to see depth and parallel. on the down side though most powerlifting meets move slow enough as it is and most lifters probably would not want anything else adding to the allready long wait.

Submitted by admin on
What if reviews occured only when appealed (by the lifter, another lifter or judge) and were done at the same time the subsequent lifters were lifting. Of course that would mean another judge would be required at each meet. Final rulings would have to be made by the end of each round of lifting. These rules might minimize delays.

Submitted by Vinnie V. (not verified) on
Only WR attempts all time best not so much for small local meets there is way to much time spent at meets to begin with and for what a review of a 2oolb squat is a waste of time,this would be to validate a already Very Subjective sport lets elliminate the favorites and bad judges that have discredited our sport and give it the credability it and the lifterrs desirve these lifts could also be reviewed by a committee if not sure i always said the lifter should get it like a tie goes to the runner in baseball.

Submitted by admin on
Fair opinions Vinnie. Perhaps the time, hassle and expense might be too much at smaller local meets. Agree that close calls should always go in the favor of the lifter.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is why there are three judges. There is not a need for replay. The squat is either above parallel or parallel/ below.

Submitted by admin on
But in the blink of an eye humans make mistakes. Should those mistakes be part of the sport?