Video of Michael Cartinian's Pro-Am

Create: 08/25/2009 - 08:34
Michele Cogger has uploaded video of Michael Cartinian's record-setting performance on Saturday at the SPF Powerstation Pro-Am in Sharonville, Ohio. Cartinian (181) recorded an all-time record total of 2,260 pounds to win the 181 class and finish runner-up to lightweight and overall best lifter Shawn Frankl. Cartinian also posted an all-time record squat of 930 pounds, as well as a 705 pound bench press and 625 pound deadlift.


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Awesome lifts Mike!! You keep pushing that squat and full power bench WR's up, The sport need more lifters out there like Mike. Stay Healthy big guy. Jeff Johnston XXX Powerlifting

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looks like its Michael Cartinian's time, that's awesome total at 181 great job!

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Great meet Mike. Congratulations! Putt Houston.... now with Ridiculous BCWW

The Putt Houston

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Congratulations! Very Impressive. Best to all, mike mcd apf12766/wpc441

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I think its time to move to 198 now and leave the 181 records alone. Very strong lifting.