Elite Totals For Raw Lifters

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There's a discussion going on at the 100% Raw Federation forum about why there aren't separate elite totals for raw lifters. 100% Raw president Paul Bossi:

You have brought up a great point. I think it is something we need to look into starting. I will try to contact other federations and see if they have elite status for their raw lifters. If not maybe we all can start to come up with 1 together.

The WNPF does track raw elite totals by taking there standard elite totals and subtracting 10% across the board.

As far as I know, the ADAU does not have ELITE status, or does the AAU. I think it will be up to the RAW organizations to begin discussing this and put it into action. Having the chance for raw lifters to achieve ELITE status may bring more raw lifters in and keep them in.

Does a 15% reduction from equipped totals seem right:

I have been in contact with William De Porter of the AAU. He agrees with me, and states a possiblity of lowering the USPF classification by 15% for raw lifters. William De Porter of the AAU is going to bring this up to vote with his board after the first of the year! Big steps everyone-RAW ELITE is coming soon to the AAU!

Adjusting elite:

In my opinion, I would start at 15% below the USAPL Elite totals and then raise them as more lifters enter the sport, just as the WPO has done with their qualifying totals. Elite should be the top 10% of all lifters so it needs to be tough to get in...just my opinion.

Another methodology for determining raw elite:

I have always been told to be a world class raw lifter. You should bench twice your body weight. Squat and dead lift three times his body weight. My average body weight is 195. Bench 195X 2=390, squat and dead lift 195X3= 585. 390+585+585=1560. I feel this is a good formula for world class lifter qualifications. All we would have to do is add say 10% of body weight to total.

A final method:

As for elite lifts and totals, I think they should be judged on what the majority of lifters in a class can do. Maybe take the top 25 lifters in each weight class and average their lifts. You are looking for the elite of the organization, not comparing to other orgs. Even if the elite number seemed low, that might attract lifters to gain the elite classification, that in turn would raise the standard for the next year. You could have a rule that the numbers can never come down, only go up. The elite standard could change each year, you could be elite 2006, elite 2007, ect.


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They use the term ELITE for a reason! Lets look at the definition of elite: ELITE pl. elite or e·lites A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status: "In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them" (Times Literary Supplement). The best or most skilled members of a group: the football team's elite. Now this means the only the best are considered elite, and that should be a small percentage of the general population, Not everyone and sister and gramdmother should be able to classify as an elite lifter. I mean lets face it, not everyone or even the majority should ever be able to be labeled elite. thats why there are other classes leading up to it. I see nothing wrong with the current elite totals for raw lifting even with no knee wraps. Stop trying to cater to everyone, they cant all be elite.... it goes against the very definition. It should be a number that 10% or less of the total number of Plers should ever attain. On a side note, i think that the qualifying totals for the WPO should be re-evaluated and maybe even raised. These numbers are more along the lines of what should be considered elite with todays gear. Its an org for the best. Ther best are the elite... hence elite status. Stop bitching and trying to please everyone... go train to get ur total closer to elite!!

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Now this means the only the best are considered elite, and that should be a small percentage of the general population...

Agreed! But don't you think Elite totals should be different for an equipped federation versus a raw one?

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yes i do, and i said that. The WPO qualifying totals should be considered the geared elite.

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We have Raw Elite classifications in the SPF and have had ever since we have been doing Raw meets. They are Posted on our web site, www.southernpowerlifting.com at the bottom of the home page, and NO this is not a plug for us before someone jumps all over it, just telling everyone where to find it. As of right now it is just for Women classifications and Men Classifications, we do not have it broke down for Teenage or Masters 1,2,3,or 4 Sorry. It's not anything new, its been around for years. Also they are only total Classifications, as far as i know there has never been just classifications for single lifts. Jesse