Power Unlimited Movie Released

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The long awaited and much anticipated movie about powerlifting, Power Unlimited, has been released. Power Unlimited is the feature length documentary about powerlifting that chronicles the history of our amazing sport through achival footage and interviews from pioneers such as Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, Bev Francis and many other legendary male and female powerlifters. In addition to showing the past, Power Unlimited introduces the world to the future of the sport through the words of novices, international lifters, coaches, and unique perspectives of stars like Priscilla Ribic, Scot Mendelson, Scott Cartwright, Ryan Kennelly, and many more. For decades powerlifting and powerlifters have toiled in obscurity, but now everyone will know why it is the most powerful sport on earth! Check out the trailer or purchase the dvd at Power Unlimited.


Submitted by Jim Ray on
It's mostly USPF-CA and Mendy. Plenty of Capt. Kirk talking. (good stuff there) A little USAPL. Steve Denison comes off looking good (as he should). The part that was most interesting was the disparate opinions of the 'true' (3-lift) PLers vs. bench specialists (Mendy, a little Rychlak, even less Kennelly). As a bench specialist myself, it almost made wanna squat. ALmost, LOL.

Submitted by Jerry Reese (not verified) on
Great movie. Mendy is awesome, however his claim that he is the World's strongest man is not valid. Don't get me wrong, I agree with him that benching makes him a powerlifter, but to claim he is the World's Strongest Man is just wrong. To make this claim I believe you have to post the highest 'TOTAL' and/or win the World's Strongest Man Contest. Again don't get me wrong. I am not a hater. Mendy is incredible to be sure!! He is the best at what he does.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yes mendy's exhibition 1008 lift is in the movie. I watched it on my 56 in screen, and it is clearer they ever how it was in no way locked out. It was semi fun to watch, but if they are claiming now everyone will see what PL is then they are dead wrong. I doubt you could get a non PLer to sit through this. Lot's of bragging and makes PLer's look like mutants. I loved that Becca admits that the WPO is pure entertainment..lol All in all I would not watch it again and would not be excited to show it to friends or family as an example of PL, in fact I would be a little embaressed, like I said makes it look like the sport has lot's of weirdo's and cocky jerks. Mendy is just ridiculous in the move. Just my opinion, You should watch it, but I would watch someone elses copy. It was not a big motivating film like many thought

Submitted by admin on
I just finished watching the movie and it is awesome. Every powerlifter should watch this movie. In contrast to the previous comment, I found it extremely motivating, interesting, and entertaining. I also think it will have appeal to those outside of the sport. Great job guys.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I can't believe anyone but Powerlifters will like this movie at all...We all wanna hope that this will bring some reconition to our sport, but let's face it, this film is just for us.

Submitted by Fat Tony (not verified) on
I was highly dissapointed in this movie; this was the chance to make powerlifting out to be a really special way of life yet they made everyone look absolutely idiotic and in all honesty made me embarassed to even be connected to the same people in this film through lifting heavy weights. not once did I feel like I was watching "the" movie that would make what I do seem "cool" and "worthwhile" to anyone who is not familiar with the sport. Director should be shot, and I for one would love to shoot Mendy. LOL at his "record" lift, it was SOO far from being legit it makes me chuckle. ridiculous. D+

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I applaud the effort to bring this movie to light, but it could have been better. Way too much time spent on Mendy and Cartwright. Some comments by these guys were just plain stupid, and did nothing to disspell the perception that we are all a bunch of meatheads. I enjoyed hearing about our history. Some of the legends featured was also a nice surprise. All in all, I'm glad I watched it, but I would be embarrassed to show it to non-PL friends and family. I wished it would have targeted the general public, or powerlifters, but it landed (quite awkwardly) somewhere in the middle.

Submitted by James (not verified) on
I was one of the lucky few to see it when it was first shown in Sacramento, CA last year at a premier showing in the Crest theater. I thought it was a good movie, not great, but good. Plenty of meatheads in it. Thats a good thing. Lets face it, 90% of us in the sport are meat head, ego maniac, mutants. Plus if I wanted to see a bunch of pretty boys I would go to a body building meet or watch pumping iron. This is a sport for the irregular, non conformist. You will either love the movie or hate the movie. Either way, you should watch it. If it pisses you off, say because your federation isn't in it, let it, then go lift. Or, let it pump you up and go lift, either way it works. I am already sick of people complaining that there federation isn't in it. Guess what, if it isn't, then it must be a pansy federation made for trophy hunters. Boo hoo they wore gear. So what, the never even talk about it in the movie. The movie doesn't devide, it will hopefully Unite. I didn't give a damn about the sport till I saw the movie, now I do. Nuff said.

It's my understanding that not being included in the movie in a meanful way was Louie's decision. I don't think this is the definite powerlifting movie, but it is the first and was an enormous undertaking. I think Gabe did a good job of covering a lot of territory. I don't think it's possible for one movie to make all powerlifters happy anymore than it's possible for one federation to make everyone happy. Those of you who claim you'd be embarassed to show the movie to your non-PL friends should maybe give them a little more credit. Show them the parts you liked best and I think you'll be surprised. The stuff you probably find embarassing is the human interest that compels people outside the sport.

Submitted by Anonymouse (not verified) on
someone should post mendys 1008 off that dvd so we can all see what you're talking about.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anonymouse wrote:
someone should post mendys 1008 off that dvd so we can all see what you're talking about.
how bout you buy it and support your sport.

Submitted by Marcus on
I was surprised a number of people thought the x-games would be a good fit for powerlifting. I've been pushing that idea for awhile. Someone should try to make that happen.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First of all, the movie was great. Secondly, they cleverly use camera angles to avoid showing Scott's lockout. The bench itself is shown three times during the film. Each time, they show him push it up to near lockout and then struggle and start to go crooked. As soon as it becomes obvious (to any powerlifter who wathces the lift) that he won't be able to lock the weight out, the camera cuts to a different angle and all you see is the weight being racked and the ensuing celebration. For the first 3/4 of the lift, the camera is right on top of Mendy. They cut the film and change angles for a reason when he starts to go crooked. Again, the film itself was great.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I watched the movie on a 56 inch T.V. and I can clearly see mendy did not lock it out. not even close. Besides it was an exhibition lift. Would not count anyway, a record needs to be done in a sanctioned meet. I appretiate the effort to make this movie, but like others said I would not want this film to represent our sport to the masses, I would be embarressed.

Submitted by Putt Houston on
Not that anybody cares about my review but here it is. I thought the movie in general was very good. The cocky attitudes from some of the previewed lifters were entertaining and probably good for setting the mood and tone of the video. The best part of the movie was the ability to see the passion of others in the sport that equals my own and so many people just like me. I did feel a strong bond in that fashion. The Mendy lockout (or lack thereof) had to be done on purpose. Kind of like how no one has seen Jeff Lewis' 931 squat from USAPL Nationals that was red lighted. No one likes to publicize the downfalls and controversial calls in our sport. You can't really say if Mendy ever locked it out because they never showed it. I could feel every powerlifter across the country with me at the same time going "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I think Steve Denison and the USPF angle of the movie was great. A great face and personality for powerlifting with a respectable federation. I would like to have seen interviews with and not limited to: Ernie Frantz Louie Simmons Westside lifters in general Rick Hussey BIG IRON lifters John Inzer Mike Brdiges Larry Maile Johnny Graham Herb Glossbrenner Ryan Kennelly Wade Hooper Andy Bolton Ray Benemerito Brad Gillingham ......... now that I think about all the great lifters running through my head, there's no way to feature all of them in one film. Maybe we need to focus on a sequal which includes some of the extreme lifting done by Westside, BIG and interviews with Frantz and Inzer. No powerlifting movie should be done without them. Thier input to the sport has been dramatic. The females in the movie were an awesome touch. Becca, Bev and Priscilla are 3 of the most deserving to be featured. i think the indepth look into the minds of crazy people like Mendy and Captain Kirk gives people an example of what kind of mindset it takes to participate in this sport. True they are a little edgy and extreme but it was very entertaining to hear their raw perspectives. In genreal a great movie and a must see for every powerlifter. Putt Houston.... now with more Bom Chicka Wahwahhhhhh

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am having a really hard time finding this movie, does anybody have any suggestions as to who would sell it, aside from the actual site? Thanks!!