IPF European Bench Press Championships Results

Create: 08/26/2007 - 12:43

Results are posted for the IPF European Bench Press Championships held August 22-25 in Rodby, Denmark.

On the women's side, Poland captured the gold with 45 points, followed by Denmark at 44 points, and Hungary with 41 points. Sweden's Anna Olsson was named best lifter over the Netherlands' Ielja Strik.

For the men, Poland again earned gold, totalling 60 points. Finland took silver with 53 points. Denmark finished on the podium again, with the bronze at 43 points. Finland's Ove Lehto beat Sweden's Marcus Hirvonen for best lifter.

While the lighter male lifters faired well, 18 of 49, or 37%, of lifters in the 198 class and above bombed. They were only able to get in 47 good benches out of a total of 147 attempts, for a success rate of 32%. The high rate of failure is similar to that from the IPF Bench Worlds in May where the new bench rules were first on display internationally.