Mike Bridges Captures USAPL National Title At 50

Create: 07/15/2007 - 12:44
USAPL forum posters discuss the significance of Mike Bridges' USAPL National title in the 198 class at the age of 50. If Bridges were to win an IPF World title, he would be the oldest American to do so and second oldest of any lifter. Japan's Hiro Isagawa accomplished the feat at the age of 52.

I believe Walter Thomas is the oldest to ever win an IPF title, age 49. Bridges at age 50 has a chance to become the oldest. Wow age 50 and wins men's nationals!

Near 1900 at 198 is great for any age, but at 50? How long has it been since he won an IPF world title, 24 years? If he wins, its George Foreman all over again.

It is true that a lot of "experts" pick Coan over Bridges for greatest ever. However, when Mike did 2105 at 181 way back in 1982, in my mind it was the powerlifting equivalent to Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile. He did what was formerly considered impossible and stretched the boundaries. It looks like he's doing it again now at age 50.

Re: Mike having a chance to be the oldest lifter to win an IPF title, didn't Hiro Isagawa win the IPF World's at age 50 in 1992 or 1993?

Maybe you mean Inaba? That would make Isagawa 67-68 now. He's still liofting in IPF open comp. Maybe he did win at 50, but not in 92...

Hiro won it last year at around 52 yrs old. However, Hiro never retired and he has been on the world platform for years. Bridges for years never lifted a weight. Now to come back to this level at this age; I think is remarkable.

Yes, you're correct. I was mistaken about it being in the 90's when Isagawa won the World's being over 50. Hiro was born in 1953 (and did win in 2006). Pretty amazing. We're about the same age. He's lifting at a world class level and I can hardly tell one decade from another.