Andy Bolton Into Guiness Book Of World Records

Create: 07/12/2007 - 08:41
Andy Bolton confirms that his 1,003 pound deadlift will be listed in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records. Bolton's will be the only powerlifting feat featured in the yearly book.


Submitted by "BIG WILLIE" J.... (not verified) on

Submitted by Carl on
Congrats A.B ! When's the 1100 dead & 3000 total coming ? Peace out and lift safe, peeps !

Submitted by mastermonster on
No excuses! Just lift it! It's great that Andy's DL are going in there. Why not the biggest bench and biggest squat.

Submitted by Putt Houston on
that's so fresh! Putt Houston.... now with more Bom Chicka Wahwahhhhhh

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
oooh that should anger every triple ply steel belted bencher on the planet! well done, andy. although one does question what guiness knows about PL lol....and i can't see them coming up with a grand unified standard to judge PL lifts on!

Submitted by Chris Ziesat (not verified) on
Hats off to Andy, but in response to anyone who asked about why they didn't include a record bench press or squat, remember that Guiness was retarded enough one year to put Issac Nessar in as the world record holder in the raw bench press for his supposed 825 pound bench. They seem to not know the finer points of powerlifting records. Andy's record is fully legit though and worthy of lots of notariety and praise.

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Andy Bolton is not the only powerlifter in the Guiness Book. Jim Rouse is listed for his 501 bench press at 181 at age 40 at the 1982 IPF World Master Powerlifting Championships in North Carolina.

Submitted by mike mcdaniel (not verified) on
Andy, congratulations on getting into the Guiness Book. I witnessed your pull. Very impressive. Side note......I haven't looked at the Guiness Book in a bunch of years but back in the early 90's Jesse Jackson's 711 squat as a 148 was in it. I'd just assumed other records continued to be there if the lifter chose to submit them and they met the criteria. Again, congratulations Andy. Mike McDaniel WPC441/APF12766