Women In Powerlifting

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A thread at Ron Palmer's forum asks for poster's opinions on women participating in powerlifting. Is there any way to attract more women to the sport?

OK so what do u all think about girls doing powerlifting? Is it a guy's sport that is being invaded...or do u find it completely normal that girls would want to participate?


I say not enough women in powerlifting. 1. It's great exercise. 2. Too many ugly guys already, even out the odds. 3. If my wife would do PL, then she'd understand why I need to buy all that crazy crap! 4. PL must be good for women. I've seen lots of women PLers, and the vast majority were very pretty! 5. They smell much better too!


I say, "Go on with ya bad selves!"

IMHO, "Give it hell!" Women don't do anything but add to the sport.

I think it is very sexy to see a super strong female powerlifter. As long as she keeps in tact with her femanine side. Some chics hit it sooooooooo hard they start to loose there sex appeal, and that is where I draw the line. Guys can get away with "certain" vitamins that women can't... I would like to see tons more female lifters emerge! Just don't outlift the guys!

I personally love the sport and I think that men love too see women that are strong. To me it's always a good feeling to shock guys when they see how much I can lift. Shocked I also would like to see more women compete, it's not fun going to a meet and being the only female. So all you powerlifting guys out there encourage your wives, grilfriends, sisters and even your mother's to try powerlifting. Not only is it a good workout but the competitions are fun.

My wife is a powerlifter . . . a 60-year-old powerlifter with records. One of the great things about powerlifting is that it attracts all sorts of people. Take the women out of it and it really suffers.

I say more power to anyone taking on powerlifting! If someone doesn't like it tough crap. Break down prs and barriers along the way!

I say get them the hell out of there! Women powerlifters...pshaw! What'll be next, male figure skaters? Where do we draw the line? Ballroom dancing? Fast pitch softball? What the hell am I talking about? Is anyone still reading this? Why are you listening to me? Who in their right mind would oppose chicks doing SLDLs? I make my wife do them. Damn, that shit is HOT! I wish I could teach her how to squat...mmm. Are you still here? Leave me alone. I need my privacy!

Ya...i definately think that if women are gonna do powerlifting they should remain just that...women. IDK..i might be an extreme....but even when i'm lifting i'm STILL a major "girlie girl" Wink Like at a meet i take my make up w/ me...and touch everything up and usually redo my hair before it starts...I dont like people seeing me when i'm looking less than my best. AND COME ON PEOPLE isn't it bad enough that i'm in a singlet....the hair and make up have GOT to be perfect! Wink OH and i'm weird...i usually dress up for meets. Wink I'm just not the sweat pants kind of girl. My take on **uhhem** "suplements" Wink: is it really necessary....i mean for women? I'm not so hot on girls that look like guys...or sometimes even more manly than guys!

i think its hot to see a woman kick around weights...specially when she perserves her sexy... and can't kick my ass...lol. the only down fall with women powerlifters is this...if they look sexy as hell in thier equipment they could knock us out of our focus zone at competition, it happened to me in my 1st or 2nd year of powerlifting....man did i bomb bad. i got my ex-girlfriend intrrested in powerlifting enough that she wanted to try it out...she had potential, but not enough to stick with it...it became too hard...never made it to a competition competitivly.

yeah i think its cool to see a girl powerlifter and i agree with ron certain suppps girls shouldnt take... lets say testostersone enhancing ones


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Anonymous wrote:
Very few female powerlifters look like women, let alone attractive
Male powerlifters as a whole aren't exactly the most attractive people either, if you haven't noticed. There are plenty of nice looking ladies that are powerlifters and for those that aren't, so what, do you judge everybody by what they look like? Do you want to hang out with a bunch of bratty cheerleaders at meets? Do you go to meets to hook up with chicks or to move iron?

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she's got a point. i say if you get a kick from lifting heavy then do it. besides powerlifting probably not gonna make you ugly. your born with looks or your not. cheerleader or powerlifter

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I am all for letting any person powerlift. As long as the rules remain the same for all. I have met some nice families were both the husband and wife power lift (one woman has a higer coefficent than her husband). They enjoy the time together and makes both of their lives better.

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I think Women should be able to powerlift. They train just as hard as any of the guys. I'm only 16 and because I powerlift I'm stronger than most of the guys at my school. So WE KICK BUTT!!!!

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This site is WRONG. I train and train and train more than any guy, and im the ONLY girl on my highschools powerlifting squad, and the ONLY girl football player! I am also a competetive cheerleader, and tounament softball player and a body builder. I work hard for what I do and most guys DO like me. If you are sexist, keep your comments to yourself. It is DISRESPECT, you are FOOLS I am STATE RANKED #2 RECORD HOLDER. I do track and boys basketball and I am STILL on VARSITY. Keep it to yourself k?

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I sure admire how much weight women can lift and all the hard work that they do. I admire women who are strong. I would like to connect with someone and explore why you or she loves the feeling of being strong with why I love the feeling of being around a strong woman. Please let me know if you would like to connect or if you have a referral.

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I just started powerlifting not too long ago, and I agree with a lot of the posts where men appreciate the women who remain feminine. Still, most of the guys who I train with still think that it's pretty sexy to see a woman rip some weight off the floor. Besides, powerlifting does some serious toning in all of the right places. Greatest sport EVER.

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My BF got me into PL from BB about a year ago and I have to say that its great! I love watching my PRs increase and being able to out lift those ego lifting guys who normally work out in front of the mirrors. But its not really about outlifting them, I just wanna outlift my last lift and keep going. I plan to compete soon, hopefully other women will be there. There were none at the last meet I went to. As for those supplements...in moderation for women is my opinion. I'm not trying to look like Arnold, but every bit helps, ya know.

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I'm a British FEMALE powerlifter and only 18, I hold 4 world records in the world drug free powerlifting federation, i really enjoy it and have met so many people already including my bf who loves the idea of me hauling weights around!! I do wish more girls did it but i also think there never will be many as so many people sterotype us as masculine when we're not at all.

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Like any sport, I think it's a matter of what you like and what you are capable of...there's no doubt that generally speaking, guys are better suited for powerlifting by virtue of the fact that they are men. However, some women are just as capable. I don't think looks have anything to do with ability here, cuz it's not a pageant, it's a sport. Having said all of that, I will tell you this: I am going to be 41 in a few weeks. I just started training a few months ago and just completed my first meet two weeks ago. I took first in the 148 lb weight class and deadlifted 275 lbs. I almost got the 300 mark passed up, but my form was a little off and I missed it. I set a new state record for the organization, and if the meet had been a national qualifier, I would have smoked that record by over 50 lbs as well. I can already squat 225 raw, which is more than most of the men who go to my gym. They are usually the ones who think I shouldn't be doing that too, incidentally. (What an odd coincidence....) So, I will be back for more, cuz that was a RUSH! Now I know why guys do it, and I think if y'all wanna keep that great feeling of accomplishment after hard work to get there all to yourselves, that's just screwed up. Any person - male or female - who works that hard to win that trophy should get to enjoy it, period. Oh, and for all you people out there who assume that I must be a dog because I powerlift, I am a former Miss Southern California pageant finalist. If you are more worried about my looks than my abilities, you misjudge me. I was fortunate to have been born with my looks. I work my butt off to earn the trophy. You clearly need to focus.