Did He Say A 1,500 Pound Deadlift?

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In response to Andy Bolton breaking the 1,000 pound barrier in the deadlift, posters at the WannaBeBig forum are tossing around the question of how far humans can possibly push the records in powerlifting. The original poster:

do you guys think it is possible to get to 1000 lb RAW bench? 1500 lb raw squat 1500 lb raw deadlift?? are these numbers too far off?? honestly, about where do you think it will stop or is there no way of knowing??? aside from gene altering that is.....


I don't think its possible. But maybe someone just hasn't done it yet.

The limit is pretty much there without an alteration in equipment or gear. I doubt we will see much more. As for the raw limit I think it is in the 900s.

IMO, people naturally are not as strong as they were years ago (anderson, cyr, ect) back then it was just the person and odd heavy objects, tons of food, crazy lifting, as for a 1000 raw bench, i dont that is gonna happen anytime soon, same for the deadlift or squat.

The body was designed to be capable of certaint things, a 1000 pound raw benchpress probably isnt one of them. The body just isnt designed to move those kinds of #'s, joints and things like that just give up.

I don't think we'll ever see more than an 800 raw bench, 1,100 raw squat, or 1,000 raw deadlift. I think that is about the limit of strength for natural humans i.e. without gene altering or the like.

The sky is the limit... As we figure out more better training programs and suppliments (legal), I am sure the maximums will continue to go up, though at a very slow rate. 50 years from now, I am pretty sure Botan's 1003 DL will be broken... By how much? Maybe only a few pounds, but in time... Records are meant to be broke and all of them eventually are if the sport continues on with the same rules and regulations

I don't believe there is a limit, as technology progresses we will lift heavier,wheater it be more natural or unnatural. 1,500 squat possible 1,500 Bench possible 1,100 dead lift, possible.

Without some form of super-extreme breeding, a complete breakthrough in supplements, or greatly improved equipment, I think the numbers that are being pushed now are relatively close to where they are going to be for decades, maybe even centuries. I don't think any of the lifts will be improved by more than about 10%.

Given that humans have been getting taller and heavier on average over the last several thousand years (take a look at medieval beds in Europe, they were short), I believe that each successive generation will have a better chance at breaking previous records. However, natural selection doesn't play much of a role nowadays, so I could be wrong.

Sure, the equipped records will continue to go up as technology improves, but their are limits of completely raw, natural, genetically unaltered human strength. It's limited by our body structure, hormones, lifespan, and bodily processes. Unless those change through continued genetic improvement of the species over many hundreds of years, as betastas alluded to, the limits will only increase incrementally, and at an exponentially slower and slower rate. The raw deadlift record hasn't improved in decades. The raw squat record is also many years old. It took 15-20 years for Mendelsohn to finally break the raw bench record set by Ted Arcidi. It will likely be many more before his is broken, unless he does it himself. The fact is, raw lifting isn't contested as much anymore, and unless it makes a comeback, we may never know the potential of true human strength as demonstrated by the truly elite powerlifting community.

Maybe we'll discover a plant which makes us super human, and be able to do insane deads... IDK, but I do not believe it is right or proper to put a limit on what is possible of humans to achieve.

Another thing to think about is people that have done amazing feats when the situation occurred being it life or death etc. For example, an old lady lifting a car to save her husband. I've seen one of a guy lifting a helicopter up off one of it's sides so his trapped buddy could get out from underneath it. Of course both of those feats are contributed to adrenaline. But imagine if we were able to tap into that. So you take a guy benching 500 raw that some how taps into his adrenaline, I can only imagine what he could do.

Gear is the curve ball here, and im not talking roids so much as shirts,suits,wraps , and belt. People have been known to get tremendous gains out of a shirt (I suspect that I would be one of them) while others get mediocre 10-30 pounds gains over their unequipped 1RMs. So if some guy with freak triceps, shoulders and lats finds the right shirt and the right people to train with the guy could easily wind up benching 200-300+ pounds more then he would have the ole fashion way.

Some of that is true, and a lot of it is rumour and myth. We have all heard of "the old lady" or "the mom" who pulled the car off their "husband/child/parent/etc.", but it is always something heard, never reported. Adrenaline is important, but there is still a maximum mechanical load that a body can lift, push or pull.

1500 pounds being held up with the ligaments and bones from a human elbow and hand? I would have to look this up to see if ones body can handle this much weight.

The body is NOT made to handle it. Anyones do single ply suits really make a difference? I might need to get one and start getting used to it

1,500 Lbs being held up with a squat suit believable. I know some people who don't know world records that would doubt 1,100 in squat could be done. Frankly I feel with each generation we will meet a new freak of nature. Look at Mark Henry, he wasted a lot of his career losing weight. Imagine if he would of simply kept lifting? As a different poster said he broke world records, and as I understand it he broke the deadlilft world record with one month of training. Imagine if someone such as him just as strong as him trained dedicated.

Look back... not even a thousand years, but a hundered years. Think of the advancements in little over a century What could happen in another century? Same thing. The impossible today... it will be the warm up of tommorow.

The body is only capable of so much, and unless there isn't some major breakthrough deadlifting equipment created to help lifters, I would think around 1200lbs is going to be the limit, and that isn't going to be for a LOOOOOONG time. It's a decreasing exponential curve. Think of the 100m sprint. The world record is like 8 seconds or something. By your logic, we'll one day be doing it in 6 seconds. I'm sorry, but barring some kind of evolutionary change in the biomechanics of the human body, these things aren't gonna improve much, if at all, for a very long time.

Did people not say the same thing along time ago??? 'Humanity has reached its peak' Why does every generation think it is the best, and the last, the greatest achievers... Because humanity likes to look back and say 'wow, were alot better' alot more than 'we have so much more that we can do...'

1000lb+ is a ****ING HEAVY weight for the human hand to grasp - and I will state here, at this point of human evolution, that no human hand will have the grip strength required to lift very much more. That is why machines were created; in essence, to do what we cannot.

Fuzzy, you need to learn some things about the body before you state that "anything is possible". Is a 15,000,000 ton deadlift possible by a human? Hell no. Will it ever be? Hell no, not by the definition of what a human is by our current standards. It's good to see that you are optimistic, but you are also greatly misled. K1M is correct, there is a finite limit that the human body can achieve. As a human approaches that limit, it becomes exponentially harder to maintain and to proceed to a higher level. Not linearly. The human body may or may not further evolve due to evolution. Advances in medical technology have prevented inferior genetics from being passed from the human gene pool. No, I am not asserting that one person is better than another, but that the genes possessed by one person make them a more suitable candidate for survival. Stronger, faster, healthier, bigger, etc. Medical care and society prevents people who are sickly or feeble from dying, and so their genetics are passed into their offsprings. The lack of a weeding process will have genes that are less desirable circulating throughout the population. This is a simplified view, but unless we start selectively breeding the strongest men and women in the world, there likely wont be any significant changes in humanity.

i personally think nothing really has changed much people! what is the record raw bench like 705? 50 years ago it was still in the 600's, kaz did 660, anderson could do 6+. how about the raw squat? guys back in the day did more then the current 800 or so by that young man, we all know anderson squatted 900 raw regulary. and the deadlift well bolton was equipped for 1000 but thats just crazy. stuff isnt much different, today theres just more roids, more equipment, and less fire then there was back in the day.


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Take a look at some other sport, for example, weightlifitng: cca 10-15 years, results in Weightlifting are almost the same. For example, in Clean & Jerk, in SHW class, weights are in range cca 530-550lb SHW class example: - year 2004. , Clean and Jerk, 263kg, SHW class - year 2006. , Clean and Jerk, 240kg, SHW class I think that there are no limits, BUT increascment in RAW powerlifts will be more and more SMALLER than recent years......Situation in gear-powerlifting is oposit....

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I think humans are capable but they will be from foreign countries.Alot of eastern countries. I gaurentee you that.

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no humans will ever achieve those numbers raw. It's physically impossible! Anyone studying Chiropractic care will tell you that the raw capacity of the human spine can only handle about 2000lbs of tork maximum before it snaps. Now squatting and deadlifting with movement and speed will increase that number. With gear... MAYBE! Raw... NO WAY, NO HOW! The body wouldn't even be able to handle the training program in the weeks of preparation to achieve those numbers anyway. Your central nervous system would start to react to protect the body and begin to shut down. Your tendons and ligaments wouldn't be able to take that abuse for a couple weeks. Those raw numbers are unachievable. Those raw numbers have the abilities to be between 900 and 1100 for the bench, squat & deadlift. It's crazy talk beyond that realm.

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As being a raw lifter im sorry but i would have to agree with the above posts. Those numbers would be possible in gear but not raw. I would be a little scared to take 1000 out on the bench even if i had gear. LOL

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I don't think they are possible either, but... One obvious fact is people tend to be getting bigger. Just look at the addition of heavyweight classes and the removal of 114, and the typical number of entries below 165. Are those #s out of the question if we have a muscular 600 pounder?

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maybe 100 years down the road, although the bench one will be farther than that as we don't even have an 800lb raw bencher yet. Time will tell

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WOOOOOOAHHHH!!! As a raw lifter myself those numbers are way out of this world, even in gear a 1500# squat is pushing the limits to impossible. What I can see, which will also be rare for a LOOOOONG time, is Mendy and Nick Winters benching 800+ raw, Andy Bolton deadlifting 1000+ raw. As for a 1000# raw squat, Mendy says he can do it but I think he's lying but it too is pushing the limits very high but I don't doubt there is a crazy powerlifter from Russia, Iceland or Ukraine who can do it.

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as a doctor of chiropractic, a powerlifter and just a human with common sesne, those numbers are unachievable. the body can not handle that weight, raw let alone equiped, the numbers are insanely high even for an equiped lifter let alone a raw lifter. 1500lb deadlift 1500 squat and 1000 raw? no way! i think the current raw records are in the ball park of mid 800 squat, 715 press and a 937 deadlift. if this ever were to be possible, there would have to be an amazing advance in pharmaceuticals and science far beyond are wildest dreams could imagine at the moment. the possibility of a human performing this raw and drug free is absolutely 100% impossible

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In 1924 a dynamometer was installed in a chimp cage at the Bronx Zoo to measure the pulling power of the chimps. A 165lb male chimp exerted a force of 900 lbs while messing with the handle. However a 135lb female in a fit of rage registered 1260lbs. Chimps are 98.67% the same as a human and are actually closer to humans than to apes. What does this mean? There is probably some human in the world that can deadlift more RAW than Bolton did. Just for the record the chimp wasn't fully locked out!

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I'm not trying to place limits on what anyone can do, but to my knowledge no one has done a 1,000 raw squat, 950 raw deadlift, and I believe Scott Mendelson is the world record holder in the raw bench with 715. Shouldn't we be more interested in breaking the current raw records than whether someone can do 300-500 more.

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well judging by the current trend in science in particular in the field of human gene science and medicine those caps of 1500 raw etc..will oneday be most probable its not even a question of if but when but thats the problem you see you cnt really put a timescale to it or an educated guess simply due to the fact that genetic alteration ie cloning etc.. hasn't gathered pace yet being a taboo and sensitive area of debate but i'm pretty much sure when it does kick off it will be a natural area of abuse as in steroids are currently and inturn you will have some giant juggernaut bench pressing into the latter thousands in theory with no upper limit but this scenario seems way off but then again maybe this century? who knws....but going by current human standards i dnt see raws going up that significantly although i do think a 1100 pound raw squat and deadlift is possible within the next decade that is if some strength athelete gives any time and effort to raw powerlifting

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there are limits to what humans can do, 1500 raw squat and 1500 raw deadlift are well over the limit, just because some chimp can exert a force of 1200lbs doesnt mean that a human can deadlift 1200lbs. yes we maybe related to primates , but last i checked house cats are related to cheeta's and you dont see so many house cat running over 70 mph. just becasue we are similar doesnt mean we can duplicate the same feats

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Anonymous wrote:
actually, didnt reinholdt do a 900 raw squat? mikesell did a 900 raw squat.
ok lets say for argument sake they did 900 raw, it is still a LONG shot from 1500!!!!

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The deadlift can be done....by a Gorilla. The Squat... maybe if you train an Elephant. The Bench... is Jim Williams still alive?

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I think that there is only one way that someone could reach those numbers and that would be if they had the suit from GANTZ. GANTZ is an anime that I have. On GANTZ the suit that they have make the wearer of the suit basicly a god. They can stand there and get hit from a black belt giving his all and they feel nothing. They can jump down about 120 stairs and two landings and land on their feet, roll and hit a baricade and not feel a thing. Anyways I think that is the only way that anyone could life those numbers is with that suit, and that suit yet does not exsist.

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I have raw deadlifted 720 drug free.no way can anyone who is not a walking science project or a reject from marvel comics achieve the numbers you are contemplating.the human body does have a limit unless we implant titanium skeletons folks.

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Paul Anderson ROUTINELY squatted over 1,000 raw, and once did 1,200.

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Wonder what the pound for pound ratio recordwise is for those lifts

I'll give two cases where numbers like that could happen. The first case would be a situation where a genetic disorder occurs and a human becomes extremely large(gigantism), and this person decides to become a powerlifter and is really good at it. Someone like Ed Coan but literally twice his size or bigger. The next case is man made. Have you ever seen the movie Bigger Stronger Faster? Check out the bull in this movie. When you see it you will know what I'm talking about. I promise you a person using this "gene doping" will be able to do those numbers. Guys, it's gonna happen! Don't think for a second this technology will not get to humans. It might be being experimented with on people right now. This is the next level in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman and other sports. All undetectable too!