148 A Whole Other Level, Stacy Burr!!!

Create: 04/16/2017 - 21:14
West then Dunbar and now Burr has taken the 148 pound wrapped total in less than a year! However, Stacy Burr just took it to whole other level!!! She managed a 1,333 pound total at 148! That's taken the previous record by a whopping 58 lbs! Here we have footage of her 529 pound dead lift attempt that according to reports gave her the second overall placing in the women's division :


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Strong work!!! Best female powerlifting ever and very possibly best lifting/competition regardless of gender. That total and second overall, wow! Fun to watch, the USPA/Gracie V and her partner deserve some applause for putting on a real best of the best meet. Congrats to all.