First Day results US Open

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Unoffical Results from day one at U.S. Open 90kg 885kg - Maliek Derstine 857.5kg - Olieski Melnyk 805kg - Adam Ferchen 100kg 980kg - Yury Belkin 962.5kg - Joe Sullivan 910kg - Jeremy Avilla 110kg 922.5kg - Eduard Khanjyan 907.5kg - Matthew Mitchell 907.5kg - Tony Montgomery 125kg 965kg - Steven Johnston 962.5kg - Christov Wayne Bridgeford 882.5kg - Aria Attia 140kg 1050kg - Shawn Doyle 1015kg - Robb W. Philippus 1010kg - Nick Best SHW 1000kg - Jake Johns 990kg - Domenick Minnici 962.5kg - David Douglas


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Just wanted to publicly say this was an awesome meet and a huge step toward actually have true "pro" powerlifting. There are always things that could be better but this was a huge improvement from last year and was happy to be a part of it Gracie and her team did a great job and looking forward to see the future of the US Open John Gaglione Long Island Powerlifting & Sports Performance Educate Motivate Dominate