James "Pitbull" Jr!!!! 2,232 Pound Total In His 3rd Full Meet!!

Create: 03/12/2017 - 16:18
Just 5 months later James was back on the platform at the SPF Ironman Classic in Gatlingburg TN! He smoked a 937 squat, benched 451 (had to call it there, had an injured pec) then pulled 843 pounds for a whopping 2,232 total. The pitbull is coming fast and he's not taking prisoners! He is ripping through rankings at lightening speed! He is now number 2 on the current Classic Raw rankings! He's aiming for more, way more like 1000 pound squats more and 2300+ totals! Eric Lilliebridge VS The Pitbull.. sounds like a damn monster movie!