Attention Single Ply Lifters!

Create: 03/10/2017 - 11:41
Dear Single Ply Community and Europa Competitors, Inzer, the USPA and GBTC are again hosting the 2017 INZER EUROPA. We are so excited by the fact that we have 110 entries in hand for 90 spots (plus a waiting list of 19 more) but saddened that only 9 of them are Single Ply. I have previously committed $500 to best lifter for male and female single-ply best lifter ($250 each). I have decided that we will run dual platforms on Saturday and/or Sunday, allowing us to focus on Single-Ply Saturday. If the Single Ply community shows up and gets us at least 30 single ply lifters (21 more than we have now-OR-the current lifters signed up switch over from Raw or Raw Classic and try single ply, I will go $500 each for 1st place, $250 second and $100 for 3rd place. Plus, we will still follow it is $50 for any WORLD RECORD set at the Europa (one per discipline & as long as it meets a Master level qualifier or better). Lastly, Steve Denison has agreed that any lifter who qualifies with an Open Elite SP total, will be eligible to apply for THE OLYMPIA and he is holding off the open entry forms until May 22nd for the express purpose of letting Europa lifters have a chance to get in. So… SP lifters, we have laid the gauntlet down, we are offering to triple the prize money, we are offering a chance at IPL world records and we are offering to give you a legit shot to get to the Olympia. I hope you will help us grow the Europa back to it’s single-ply glory as so many of our events are focused raw and raw classic such as Battle of the Bay. PS. If I do not have my 30 SP lifters by April 1, I will open all those spots to the raw and raw classic lifters hoping to lift in front of thousands of spectators at one of the largest venues in Florida. Richard Ficca USPA Florida State Chair Gorilla Bench Training Center


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Just give that money to the raw lifters. Most don't want to use gear and letting single-ply die naturally would be one step closer to getting the best lifters on the same platform. . ... all things are possible to him that believeth.