Ellen Stein 936 @ 63!!!

Create: 01/10/2017 - 21:51
Ellen Stein (coached by Swede Burns and his 5th Set program) defier of both logic and time! She is 63 yrs old .. let that sink in a min... she squatted 330 benched 198 and pulled 407 pounds.. has it sunk in yet? The highest total raw by a woman over the age of 60 in the IPF is 838 by a super heavyweight, nearly a hundred pounds less than Ellen who only weighs under 132! She battles the young top females in her class and is now currently ranked number 5 in the open class and is over 80 lbs over her nearest master competitor over 40!!!! At over 50 shes 200 lbs over! There isn't anyone who can match her ability... Nobody.


Submitted by Jeff Hackett 1 on
Hell yeah Ellen, very inspirational. . ... all things are possible to him that believeth.

Submitted by patrick mason on
big congrats Ellen. Results like that take a hugh amount of training! Pat Mason M3 148lbs

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Buddy McKee. Proudly sponsored by Titan Support Systems Inc. and 'Monster Barbell' Training Log: wannabebig.com / Pro Journals. "Mastermonster's Quest for the Records"...is finally over. I have finally retired...I loved every minute of it! Great lifting Ellen!