Single Ply SHW, Tyler "Big Cat" Butcher totals 2,627 Lbs!!!

Create: 01/01/2017 - 21:40
Tyler "Big Cat" Butcher, 28, member at The Animal House Gym located in Toledo, Ohio competed recently at the USPF Winter Wreckage meet held on December 3, 2016 in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. Weighing in at 348#, his best lifts of the day were a 1040# squat, an 810# bench, and a 777# deadlift, finishing the day with a 2627# total. His squat, bench, and total set new American records in the single ply SHW open division.


Submitted by JShatka on
Not saying it isn't strong or I can do more, but these lifts are poor standard. Would be 9 reds if you care about the integrity of lifting. Single ply is awesome but these lifts were not completed.

Submitted by Kevin E. Robinson on
Tyler I competed with you at USAPL and NASA before the you had the beard. Great job. You have got stronger and thicker. Keep up the good work. Tyler would do more meets. But he still not compete on Sundays. Because he serves the Lord and drives the church van. God Bless Kevin E. Robinson Friendship is Essential to the Soul! Romans 8:31 Like fan page Kevin "The Atomic Dog" Robinson Youtube Channel Suesson

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Big Cat that was great that was just the beginning best is yet to come. Continued success brother