Is The Prilepin Chart For Powerlifters?

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Fortified Iron posters are discussing the set and rep guidelines A.S. Prilepin developed and formulated into the Prilepin Table for maximising strength gains. The original poster:

What's your experiences with the Prilepin's Chart???? how would you use this while trying to use equipment and raw?.


I really like it. It seems pretty accurate for me. I use it as a guide for my squat, bench, and deadlift training. For assist work, I usually do lighter weight and higher rep stuff. It seems to keep me from over training and I make faster progress.

I have been wondering about it myself. the 70 and 80 % seems like it is to easy, i dont see how i could get stronger doing that range.

Could be totally off here Darracq, but I believe Prilepin first developed that chart for olympic lifting. So the rep/set guidelines were set up to allow a lifter to use optimal bar speed for a given % of his 1rm. I'm not an OL, but I'd guess that it is much harder to knock out 10 reps with 70% of your snatch than it is to do the same for bench, because it is a lift that relies so heavily on technique and bar speed. I can grind out the last couple of bench reps, can't grind out a snatch in quite the same way. I keep Prilepin in mind for heavy training when working above 90% or so, it seems a good guideline for weights of that order, but I don't base my repetition stuff on it.

THats what westside bases ALL of there training off of and it works

but westside doesnt use the 70-85% do they?

Do they base their rep work off it? I can see how DE work fits with prilepin, he was concerned with bar speed, and so are they.

Westside uses the low and high ends of the table. The 50-60% for speed work and 90% + for ME work. They've found that to be the most effective. The space in the middle is kind of no man's land where your gains aren't as good. Although programs like 5x5 work in the middle area.

sometimes on DE day I work up in the 70-80% range for a few doubles if my speed is good. but most of the time you really dont use it.

u can work in the 70-85% area forever without overtraining and getting stronger while following the prilepins principles for those ranges. thats how lots of russians train i belive.

westside training is based off of old russian training manuels. but ya i agree my training parnter and i basicly did nuthing but speed squats and worked up around those % cause we had nobody but us lifting and we both got stronger

Interesting that for hypertrophy it has higher frequency than for strength or power. I find with my extra workouts with higher reps, they don't seem to take that much out of me.


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The only problem with the Prilepin Table is I think its geared more toward younger lifters. One thing I've noticed as I get further into my 40's (45 now) is that I can't drop the percentages as low as is suggested by the table and the Westside gang. I need to keep the percentages up at around 77-78 to 80% at a minumum. Otherwise, I end up dropping back too far and spending too much time trying to catch back up...... when I was younger I could do that but not now.