Showing Of Power Unlimited, The Movie

Create: 10/08/2006 - 18:28
Iron Bug Productions Presents the Movie Premier of POWER UNLIMITED Tuesday, October 17th, 530pm and 800pm Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA For more info: 530-477-2946 Email:


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Kick ass, I wish I was in Cali to see this one when it comes out. Let us know what everyone thinks about the show.

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Here's a comment from someone who's seen it at Diablo Barbell:

Just got in from a sneak preview. I had high expectations for this project and I have to say they were exceeded. My biggest concern was How do you pace a powerlifting movie so that the average joe stays engaged? That turned out not to be a problem at all. Obviously there are lots of familar faces in the movie. Scott really carries himself well and the movie gives a good portrayal of him as a husband, father, friend, a unique lifter...and a throwback to the pioneers of the sport that are shown in the movie. Gabe and Julian used some of the stuff I've shot over the years. Two moments that were special to me were from last year's Diablo meet. The first was seeing Jesse's first Elite total playing out over Mark's discription of the Westside Method. Some of you know that Ken and I had really wanted to but together a short film of Jesse's road to that Elite total but it never came together. It was huge for me to see it in the movie. The other was seeing Parker pull in his first meet over a short interview segment with him. Was it worth it to bomb in the meet just to shoot that footage? No, but it was great to see something good come from it. I admire both these guys a lot and they might not have had lifts in the movie without that footage.

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I really look forward to seeing this movie! It's great that they took the time to get footage and interviews of the great lifters from yesterday and today.