Why Chuck Taylors?

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Powerlifters have a fascination with the old school Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. A Fortified Iron thread looks at the reasons why. Is it partly because they are old school?

Well I have seen here and other places that Converse Chuck Taylor's are the preferred shoe for squating but I have not seen a specific reason given. As I get stronger and further into this obsession which afflicts us all, I think it's time to retire my worn out running shoes. So enlighten me; why Chucks?

The definitive guide to Chuck Taylor use:

It's cause they are perfectly flat and sit lower to the ground than anything else.

They're cheap.

sturdy canvas sidewalls allow for better support when pushing knees out and "spreading" the floor...

From Dave Tate's"Squat 900lbs" article... "Spread the floor with your feet as you squat. Remember the wide stance? Well, you must also force your knees out hard during the entire motion and push out on the sides of your shoes while you squat. This keeps the tension in the hips where it should be. This is also why most squat shoes, tennis shoes, and cross trainers suck for squatting. The best shoes for squatting are Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. The soles are flat and the side construction is rugged enough to push out against without a blowout or rolling over the sole."

That quote should read, "the best shoes for squatting Westside style are Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars." I disagree that they are the best for less than a super wide stance squat. I had great gains moving to an olympic lifting shoe with a heel that I could sit back into.

True--a heel helps with a narrow stance squat, especially raw. However, the heel is not really beneficial once you reach shoulder width. From there on out a flat shoe is more useful. of course, individual opinions will vary. I squat fairly narrow, nothing like Westside, and a flat sole shoe, like Chuck's, works well for me.

Chucks tend to be too unstable for me and have no arch support which let's the foot overpronate and the chances of the knees bowwing in are therefore increased.

Had anyone ever rolled their ankle while squating? There is all this talk of All-Stars giving alot of stability and was wondering if the Chucks (or any other shoe I guess) ever ended up giving and falling w/ the weight?

I like them because they come in an array of colors and materials, even customized. No chance of not being able to match my gym outfit.


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if someone needs more support in the arch when wearing chucks just get some good insoles with a good arch thats what i do dont buy the cheap ones good insoles might run about 30-40 bucks they will do wonders for your knees and back also

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Jon..maybe back then there was a difference. Now, I'm old and fat...I would play the same in combat boots, chucks, Jordans. I have not tried in years, but I think the closest I would get to the rim is when I walk out of the lockeroom.

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Well, a lot of powerlifters are really into this bruterunningshoes fad lately. There was one powerlifter, I forgot the name that made it popular and since then a lot of powerlifters are using it.