The Biggest Powerlifter Ever

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A Fortified Iron poster wants to know who's the biggest powerlifter or strongman of all time. He asks:

I'm curious if anyone knows who was the biggest powerlifter and/or strongman that ever lived. I've heard Jeff Lewis is over 500, any others that big? If so please pot pics

The nominations:

andre 'tilt' henry was over 400 lbs i believe. mike wolf is over 400 as well, as is shawn lattimer but lewis is in a class of his own

Back in the 80's nj had a great powerlifting prospect with tons of raw power.I believe he was over 500lbs or thereoff.Health issues took his life at a very young age.Anyone remember him? Gary Abraheniam sp not sure

Gary Aprahamian. He had the world record for biggest arms at one point. Of course, if your talking big, O.D. Wilson was 6'6" and 420lbs, Rick 'grizzly' Brown 6' and 420lbs.

f memory serves me right theres some dude that holds the teen bench record of like 700 some odd lbs thats like 6.7 465 or so and looks like a half man half bear , maybe he slimmed down though

Your thinking of Tim Harold, hes a very big boy but he has slimmed down.

Mark Henry was a damn big boy as well. 6'5" and in the mid/high 400s.

dominic filiou is huge chief ironbear collins was tremedous and so was that guy from world strongest man GLEN ROSS

Jeff Maddy was close to 500 in his prime. He was much stronger than Jeff Lewis is today with all the grip features he did.


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jeff lewis weighs 550 and he is so out of shape. Now are we talking about big guys that can be very strong and also be able to be athletic in all aspects??? If so i would have to say Jesse maurrende The strongman and the KAZ, Oh and Pudzinowski is a monster too

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James Henderson is also quite big. I think he was around 380 back when he was competing, but I am sure he is heavier now. I would say around 440, but it's an estimate. I met him at the IPF World Championship in Miami nov. 2005, and had my picture taken with him. Standing 6'4" @ 300 pounds next to him made me look like a scrawny little kid!

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dru patrick is a bowling ball. he is only 310, but at 5'6'' that is pretty damn big

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U thought jeff lewis was big?? lewis and the rest of them all are lightweights compared to this guy. He makes the biggest powerlifters/strongmen look like babies. Emanuel Yarbrough - 6'8 and 720lbs outweighs lewsis but nearly 200 pounds, google him and check it out for urself!!!!