Groin Pain From Squatting

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A poster is experiencing groin pain while squatting heavy and wonders if that's normal:

Does anyone else experience groin pains during heavy squats???? I get not really a bad pain per se, but more soreness after and especially during heavy squatting in my groin and the inner part of my upper legs. Is this normal???


where at? Up closer into the hips? When i switched to a wide stance, i developed major hip problems that i still have today. The pain is throughout my whole left groin/hip. Some docs say its a hipflexor problem, some say this some say that, none have agreed. If this is where your pain is at, id suggest to stop squatting with a wide stance. Mine was almost all clear with help of ART, ultrasound, ice and stretching, tons of motrin. The pain wasnt only when squatting, it would be for days at a time, but now it is still damaged.

I usually get some groin/upper ham soreness after a squat workout. I just consider it part of the program. It's never anything nagging or long lasting, just that 36-72 hour DOMS.

I get that exact soreness when I squat too wide. I've helped some by stretching out my groin, hips and back in the morning.

Wide squats will do that especially at first . The problem could also be that when you are squatting wide that you are not sitting back into the squat enough. Try this at least once - get yourself a box right at paralllel or even an inch lower and when you start to squat start by breaking at the hips and not the knees and try sitting back into the box not straight down , go light and work up but see if that takes away some of that inner thigh hip flexor pains.

How wide are you squating...You can't squat too wide if its raw...You can injure your hips... Kinda like benching raw and injuring your chest..

I used a 40+" stance for a while but I was geting slight twinges in my hamstring/hip so I took it in about 6"'s or so and don't have any problems... If you are only squating with like a 20" stance I don't think you're stance is the problem..

It could be just twinging it, but I have a friend who had that pain, and he didn't do anything about it and got a hernia, but not all hurting of inner thigh is that, and it probably isn't, but just be careful, and find ways to train around it.

stretch your hip flexors daily... almost everyone spends to much time sitting throughout the day which is bad news for the hip flexors. I have experianced a partial tear in my hip flexor squating and know others who have done the same thing.


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this problem you're having is something i went through a few years ago. i was training pretty hard all the time with max weights, it eventually took its toll . i was having groin pain , so much so it felt like it was getting kicked in the junk. all i did was just cut back on the amount of squatting i was doing. i'd squat every couple of weeks or so but pretty light. on my non squating weeks i'd do leg extensions , leg presses to supplement my leg work and after a few months of this and stretching things got back to normal. i hope this helps..

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I have had a pain similiar to what you are describing for the past 2 months. At first I thought I pulled my groin. I went to a doctor and he told me it was a strained hip flexor. After I took it easy for a couple days and the pain did not go away I decided to go to see a chiropractor. I had x-rays done and they showed my hips were out of line. I now go back for regular adjustments but the pain is almost totally gone. If the pain does not go away I would definately go see a good chiropractor. I hope this can help!

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I am having this problem at the moment. I started squatting 6 weeks ago. I only squat 50 - 60 lb. 6 weeks ago, when I first started, it hurt my groin on my left side. I thought it was a pre-existing problem. I took 1 week off. Then I started the 50lb squat again, and 2 days later, both side of my groin hurt. So, I am pretty sure the pain was induced by squatting. I don't know what to do now. Maybe I will stop squatting. By the way, all my squatting was done with the Manta Ray device to ensure I am in the perfect posture. Maybe squat is just not for some of us. Oh, and, I do have a tight hamstring problem since I was in elementary school. I am 35 now. When I crouch, my fingers can't touch my toes.

Been there done that. Too wide of a stance combined with lack of flexability in the entire hip area is the problem. Aside from that going from gear to raw is something that you should take your time with as the hips don't have the strength in the hole. Very deep but light box squats will help tremedously. Good luck guys!