Gay Games 2014 Powerlifting Registration Deadline Approaching - $30 Registration Discount Code Available

Create: 11/21/2013 - 17:26
Gay Games Powerlifting Registration Update: SPECIAL NOTICE: $30 dollar discount on general registration fees! USE CODE GOGAMES when registering by November 30! We need 8 more registrations for Powerlifting by November 30...that's 10 days away! This will be the perfect event for all levels of lifter, from first time competitor to nationally ranked athlete! This is a USPA sanctioned event. Raw and equipped lifters welcome. If you are or know a non-LGBT lifter who might want to compete, they are more than welcome...this will be a great qualifier for USPA Nationals and IPL Worlds! If you have any questions, please contact me at See you in Cleveland!


Submitted by Bob D on
I guess I'll get crucified for this but I don't quite understand the point. So, straight lifters can compete with LGBT? Then you've got a normal powerlifting meet. Why single anybody out? What's next? Dutch-American championships? Meets for lifters who've had one eye poked out? Is there some reason we have to fractionalize an already cult sport with so-called "diversity"? It's our unity that makes this sport great. The wonderful thing about powerlifting is that no matter what your race, sex, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, it doesn't matter when you're under the bar. Either you lift it or you don't. While I'm at it, I've never understood why Police & Fire have separate records. Can't they compete with everyone else? Finally, how in the world do you PROVE you are gay to compete in this meet? Is there a secret handshake, a special photo ID, some sort of notarized affadavit? Can some straight lifter, a national champion, for example, enter this meet and just say he's gay and win his class? How are you going to prove he's NOT gay? OK, off my soapbox.

Submitted by John Skelton on
Bob, I understand your question. It's true that these days a lot of gay people feel welcome and comfortable at any meet they choose to enter. However, that's not the case for everyone, especially when it comes to sports. Remember, also, these games are held some countries it's still against the law to be openly gay. The Gay Games were started in 1982 when LGBT acceptance was much, MUCH lower than it is now. The games today are a vehicle to celebrate how far we've come as a group, as well as a way to increase participation in any athletic event. Once a person enters this event and sees how enjoyable and fun it is, they are more likely to enter another meet closer to home. I'm sure the more lifters we get in the sport, the better it will be. As to your last question, EVERYONE is welcome to compete. In fact, the Games as a whole will be expecting over 10,000 competitors in all of the different events. So, no, no "proof" is needed...but if you are gay and want to send in a picture of your toaster oven, that's cool. Wink

Submitted by Bob D on
"It's true that these days a lot of gay people feel welcome and comfortable at any meet they choose to enter. However, that's not the case for everyone, especially when it comes to sports" John, I don't believe that. Unless a gay guy comes up to me and tells me his sexual orientation at a meet, how in the heck would I know? There's no sexual orientation box to mark on any entry form that I've ever seen. Why do some gay athletes feel the need to tell anyone/everyone what they are? No straight lifter tells me he or she is straight. Why can't they just come and compete and stay out of the sexual orientation business altogether? Why is that even a concern at a powerlifting meet? I could care less, but I don't want it flaunted in my face or have some agenda pushed. I don't have an overwhelming desire to know who's doing what to whom, straight or gay. Just get under the bar and lift. That's all I ask.