3 Reasons Why Creatine Will Make You Stronger!

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For most people that are around fitness, sports or weightlifting you have heard of the supplement creatine. For many years now creatine has been the must-have health supplement for people involved in weightlifting and sports to get stronger and faster. Many professional athletes use the supplement creatine to help improve on their strength and fitness. Creatine naturally occurs in the body and also comes from consuming meat from your diet so natural weightlifters are ok. There are benefits to having elevated levels of creatine in your body which will help improve your lifting which will build strength and power. When creatine is combined with weight training, this supplementation results in several athletic benefits: • Explosive muscle power • Increase in strength • Improved efficiency • Better speed So if you're hoping to gain lean muscle mass through strength-building training, jumping in the creatine bandwagon is definitely something you should be doing. Here are top reasons why you should be taking creatine as part of your workout regimen. 1. Improved Athletic Performance Inside our cells is a substance called adenosine triphosphate or ATP. This is a high-energy molecule that contains one adenosine and three strongly bonded phosphates. When the body needs energy (such as doing a squat or sprint), a phosphate breaks loose - during that chemical reaction energy is released allowing you to do that explosive activity. To make sure that your body's ATP continues to give you energy it is the creatine's job to replenish the phosphates which will in turn give you more energy for that next rep. Having plenty of creatine in your system during a workout will make sure that your muscles are always powered up and ready for that next lift. As a result, you can perform better especially during intense resistance training workouts because creatine is there to replenish energy in your muscles when doing reps. 2. Increased muscle strength In a study conducted at the Southern Illinois University (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10731009) twenty-three weight lifters who had at least one year weight-training experience were grouped into two. One group was given creatine, while the other was given a placebo - a flavored sucrose drink. Long story short - at the end of the study, the researchers concluded that group that trained with the addition of creatine supplementation led to a greater increase in muscular strength. These findings are consistent with another study conducted by the Department of Exercise Science and Athletics at Bloomsburg University (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14636102) on the effects of creatine on muscle strength. In the Bloomsburg University study results showed that there is an 8% average increase following supplementation with creatine vs. the placebo group. 3. Improved Muscle Recovery Speed The main benefit of creatine is that it provides muscles energy during workouts so you can keep lifting with more intensity. You know that feeling you get of fatigue after doing a heavy set, you feel worn out - unable to continue on. Creatine help replenish the energy stores in your muscles so you recover faster for the next set, letting you lift harder. This will in turn give you more size & strength because you have creatine helping deliver your body more energy. In addition to being able to workout harder during your workouts, creatine will help you recover fully for your workout the next day. Sometimes you may feel tired or fatigued at the beginning of a workout because you want really heavy the day before. Creatine will help provide you the additional energy that you need to make sure you’re ready to go for the next workout. As you can see supplementation with creatine will help you get bigger and stronger by providing you that extra energy during the lift and during the recovery periods. I always want to include the note that you still always need to put in the hard work in the gym to see the gains you want. Creatine is not a miracle supplement that will allow you to cut out the work in the gym - intense work in the gym along with the proper supplements will help you achieve more gains. _____________ Kevin Barry kevin@creatinehq.com http://creatinehq.com/ CreatineHQ is your number one source for creatine supplement information. The goal of CreatineHQ is to educate readers about the supplement creatine and what it can do for their bodybuilding and fitness goals.


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Of course this article is written by a guy who works for a company that specializes in selling creatine ! Email is dot dot dot@creatine.com lol Creatine is a waste

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It doesn't make any difference whether he works for a company selling creatine or not. Facts are facts. Creatine is probably the most-studied sports supplement in history. Numerous research studies have been published over the past 20+ years showing its usefulness in bodybuilders and lifters.