Raw Unity Press Release for 05 August 2013

Create: 08/05/2013 - 16:26
Most recently the SBD knee sleeve, made in Great Britain, has come onto the raw lifting scene. Ken Anderson, the owner of Anderson Powerlifting, has recently sent a pair to the Raw Unity committee for their review. Says Talmant, the co-founder of Raw Unity: “Ken was very generous to send us a pair of the new SBD knee sleeves that are manufactured in Great Britain and are an official sponsor of the Great Britain and Russian raw powerlifting teams. Our concern is that the knee sleeves—upon initial inspection—are much longer and appear to be considerably thicker than any other neoprene knee sleeve that we have approved for use at Raw Unity. If it is determined that the SBD knee sleeve adds appreciable pounds/kilos to one’s squat then they will not be allowed for use at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships for Day 1. If they do not add pounds/kilos and just provide warmth and support like the knee sleeves that we have already approved then we will have no problem adding them to our approved list”. According to SBD’s own web site, “IPF Approved Knee Sleeves designed specifically for strength training, meeting the maximum IPF specifications, combined with premium neoprene and strengthened seams. The ‘Torque’ design spreads the stress on the seam during deep knee flexion, allowing for improved support and performance during heavy strength training. Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain.” Another Raw Unity executive committee member stated that “just because the SBD knee sleeve is approved for use in the IPF does not mean that it will be approved for use at Raw Unity. We are beholden to no one except the lifters—and lifters appreciate a level playing field. If these knee sleeves add assistance to the squat—and because they are somewhat pricey—they will not be allowed at Raw Unity. We want the lifters to decide the outcome of the meet—not a fancy knee sleeve that some may not even be able to afford”. Any and all feedback is welcomed from those that have used the SBD knee sleeve. Feedback can be posted here on Powerlifting Watch or sent to erictalmant@yahoo.com The Raw Unity executive committee is expected to vote on the SBD knee sleeve within the month of August and the outcome/update will be posted on Powerlifting Watch as well as in the Raw Unity Facebook Group.


Submitted by markos on
My personal opinion is I dont like or understand sleeves. I get wraps, but not sleeves. Lifters tell me they do nothing......then dont wear them. Others say it keeps their knees warm. Wear them during warm ups, slip them down for your rep. It just adds another category thats not needed. Manufacturers are not stupid. Lifters want an edge. Anyway, arent the Rehband ones also 7mm in thickness? Or are they not allowed either. To me its simple, wraps or no wraps. Sleeves are fine for training purposes, I encourage all my lifters to use them in training, but are they really needed in competition? Just my opinion Eric.

Submitted by Janis Finkelman on
I'm wary of knee sleeves in competition--I admit it. That said, I respect a lifter's right to use any equipment a fed has deemed legal. I feel that ultimately we all have to choose how we compete in a way that satisfies our own values and ideals related to lifting. If how you choose to outfit yourself for competition lifting feels honorable to you, go for it. Hold yourself to whatever standard you feel to be excellence. If what other people are doing "isn't fair" to you, then balance that out by holding to your own ideals.