Chip Stewart Adds To The Growing List Of 800 LB. Benchers

Create: 07/30/2006 - 10:56

Chip Stewart benched 804 pounds yesterday at the APF North Carolina Push/Pull held in Clayton, North Carolina. Stewart weighed in at 239 pounds, becoming only the second 242 to hit the 800 pound mark. Stewart's 804 pound bench is the all-time record in the 242 weight class, surpassing Matt Lamarque's 801 pound bench.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Where is the video? Someone going for a big record like 804, has to be out there.

Submitted by Barry Williams (not verified) on
The lift was 804. Two people there had video cameras so it will be posted this week on Joey Smiths board.Chip missed both of his first two attempts and came back with a vengence. It was an APF sanctioned meet before anyone asks.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm sure it was a good lift, but I wish the all time record would stay with the WABDL. Good lift though. Congrats.

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on
I can confirm the lift as well, I too was there lifting, and saw that close up. My girlfriend helped Joey with the camera, and yes, he has promised to put that on his site... Amazing stuff, maybe once in a lifetime will we see that. Outsiders to powerlifting once again neither see it nor appreciate it. I thought Chip had injured his right arm as it looked swollen afterwards, can someone let everyone know what happened and if he is well?

Submitted by Carl on
Key phrase as submitted by Barry Williams..."it was an APF sanctioned meet". As long as it's sanctioned by some federation's rules, then it's not just another posting of someone's gym or training lift....mad props to Chip Stewart.

Submitted by chris cooke (not verified) on
chip tore is left tricep while celebrating after the lift. he came over and shoved me in the chest and said he felt it pop at that time. this is not a joke. this is what happened. sorry chip next time shove the wall instead. i really hate he is injured b/c chip and i go way back. we train together very often. we drive 100 miles round trip to train with each other. GCBB is where it's at. we have guys driving 4 hrs round trip every other week to bench with me. we have guys driving 2 hrs round trip to bench with me every friday night. this is an awesome testimony for how GCBB is growing and how much we have to offer.

Submitted by admin on
Wow, that's a freak accident. Send our wishes to Chip for a speedy recovery.

Submitted by Dr. Crane (not verified) on
Congratulation Mr. that you have out benched Mr. Cooke at a much lighter bodyweight will all those people go train with you rather than the great one??

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How about the 19 year old benching 705? That has to rank up there pretty high as well. Daniel Everhart is his name.

Submitted by Dark Sith Lord ... (not verified) on
Who cares about Everhart, last time I checked this conversation was about Chip Stewart!

Submitted by MR. SMITH on
I am not sure if that was suppose to be a jab a Chris or be serious Dr. Crane but if it was not a joking statement you need to watch that mouth. Chris Cooke does more for powerlifting in NC than anybody....I happen to be one of the above mentioned 4 hour round trip drivers to train with Chris and the GCBB crew. This man has 3 to 4 WPO pro coming to him for bench training tips and advice and of course he helps and does all he can to improve your lifts. There is a unified power of lifters here in NC. We all back one another and help each other weather we are lifting or not. At any meet we have lifters at you can expect 20 or more deep (familiy memebers included) to support and help. Chip had a great lift and I was glad to be there helping, spotting, and hitting him (haha). He really deserves that lift. Chip is by far one of the best pound for pound lifters to date. I am glad that NC powerlifting is flurishing and I can not wait to see what record falls next. As for the federation the lift was in....what does it matter, records are made to be broken. I wan to congrats all the lifters from Saturday and say it was great to see our T.E.A.M. as one here in NC. I will have vids from this meet posted soon. If anyone has any to post go ahead. Thanks for supporting NC powerlifting the strongest team on Earth!....come check out NC APF Website....

Submitted by chris cooke (not verified) on
dr. cane, i too would like to know if that was a jab. if so have you out benched me or are you just one of the computer lifters. i have been working with others rather than training for myself as of late. but if you must know before my injury to my shoulder 7wks ago this would not have been an issue b/c chip and i would have both set new records. anyway we will have to wait til spring now but hang tight and post again then and we will see what you can come up with then. feel free to email me barbender900@yahoo so we can discuss this some more. by the way i have hit 905 in non sanctioned meet and a 925 in an exhibition for special olympics. all of this were in meets, under meet conditions and would have passed in any fed. hang on my friend. oh yeah i think it would be great if some of these people would go train with chip, that way maybe we wouldn't have 20 people every friday night. the great one has spoken

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Submitted by Ellen (not verified) on
Congratulations, Chip! If this is the same Chip Stewart that I know from the days of filming "Remember the Titans", then I know that you worked hard to achieve such a tremendous accomplishment. You are living proof that hard work and dedication to a sport really does pay off. Congrats again!