Long Standing Powerlifting Records

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Go Heavy posters list some of the powerlifting records with the greatest longevity.

Big Jim Williams held the USPF American Bench Press Record (675) from November 9th, 1972 until July 31st, 1994. ( 21 years and 8 months. ) Jim's Bench Press record is the longest in powerliftings history.

Nope. Lamar gant deadlifted 289.5 KG in the 56 KG class in 1982 which is still an all time deadlift record in that weight class regardless of powerlifting organization. KAZ had that 1100 KG total in 1981 that stood as an IPF record until Siders broke it in 2004. Bridges 955(or was it 952.5?) KG total in 1982 is still an IPF record.

If you are talking bench records, Mike MacDonald held the IPF World bench record for 25 years....it was broken by Joe McAuliffee in 2002. Mike Bridges held the IPF World bench record for 22 years (to the day). It was broken by Jan Wegiera in 2003. If you are talking about all 3 lifts, there are still some IPF records that trace back 22+ years. Bridges, Hatfield, Gant, Thomas, and a few others have records from the early eighties that have yet to be broken.

Wolf Hasenmaier lists a number of other longstanding powerlifting records:

Some older, precious records: Scott Tusic asked for longstanding records. Jim Rouse`s raw contest bench press of 479 at 165 stood for at least 25 years. In my opinion one of the longest standing records in powerlifting. Markus Schick did 507 raw one day after the Arnold Classic 2005. Yes, It was an exhibition lift but videotaped and Ryan Kennely, Brian Siders and others as witnesses ain`t that bad. As an official and raw contest bench press Jim Rouse`s milestone is still unparalleled. Ed Coan`s and Mike Bridge`s IPF and USPF old gear records are still untouched "if" same measures are applied. Of course same measures must be applied if a comparism is made. Ed Coan with 2400 + old gear at 220 and 901 lbs deadlift.... Legendary Gene Bell`s 2111 topped Mike Bridges but it was under a different set of rules. 821 lbs deadlift at 84 kg or 185 lbs by the late Eric Coppin from Belgium also is a phenomenal record as is Ed Coan`s 859 dl at 198, within one week in 2 contests..... As Holger Kuttroff, Germany`s alltime strongest powerlifter ( when looking at raw strength) told me, the phenoms of nowadays are not less strong than the oldtimers. But in Ed Coan`s case I slightly disagree when taking everything into consideration.

Mike Bridges 529 raw at 181 was ahead of it's time 25 years ago and still is today. These men were the true pioneers of the sport and will never be forgotten my hat's off to all of you!!

Great thread brings back memories how about mighty Joe Bradley doing 396 at 132 raw being the first man to triple his bodyweight 25 years ago.

Rarely noted is the Legendary Rick Gaugler. He did 1879 (1873 due to the WR 716 DL weighing only 714) way back in 82 at 165 and was not broken officially until Furashkin and Sivokon totalled just over 1900 in the early 2000's. So that IPF WR lasted for over 20 years. No one has ever done as much under the same conditions. Also, in a meet Dec 5, 1981 he did 1890 just missing the 165 pound limit coming in at 167. On that day he went 705 (missed 727 and then 744 on depth), made 457 in the bp and then pulled 727.

2420 belt only, strictly judged, done by Fredonia, NY Leviathan Don Reinhoudt in 1975 or 1976. That`s the mightiest raw performance in a contest ever. For 30 years and counting.

Weil's 556 raw bench at 181 (1986) still hasn't been broken either.

Wolf, Rick Weil benched 485 @ 165 in 1983. It was raw.