How To Stop Rounding Your Back While Deadlifting

Create: 07/22/2006 - 11:00
A Fortified Iron poster is rounding his back while deadlifting and wants to know how to correct that. He asks:

Title says it all, when I fail deadlifts it is because my back rounds a lot, and I bail out as I don't want to hurt my back. What exercises will help this? Rack Pulls heavy?


Good mornings,SLDL will help, but round backs are normally caused by a technique issue

Give Arched Back Good Mornings a try, they may help train you to keep your back strait while Deadlifting.

I would say arched back GMs as well. I start with my back arched when I'm pulling and try to keep it that way. Don't pull with your arms (many people say envision them as just hooks holding the weight) and look up.

More ab work.

AB work, lower back you pull sumo or conventional?

I agree on the ab work. It was my weak link on DL until I did heavy weighted ab work. Also, take a look at your form. Usually if your back rounds you aren't pulling back enough and your shoulders get out in front of the bar. That ruins your leverage and you will miss the lift. I think of a DL as pulling my shoulders back and pushing my hips forward instead of lifting the weight. I've also found if I think about pushing my hips forward I use my glutes a lot more and don't need my abs as much.

Heavy hypers (bar behind head) and isometric reverse hypers will help to keep the erectors tight when pulling... The iso reverse hypers are great for teaching someone to squeeze the crap outta the glutes while keeping a tight arch - ala squatting and deadlifting. Heavy ab/oblique work will serve to strengthen the core and protect the back aiding the pull off the floor, but structural balance work should be done at all time though - not just when you figure its weak.

You will need good technique and a strong core. Always pull witha flat back by drving th ehips to get the bar off the floor. Then do all kinds of core work to bring it up as well. Heavy abs with as much weight as possible frm as many angles as possible. Then you can thorw int eh the low back assistance work like GHR, Hypers, reverse hypers, etc. I agree that the stronger the abs are the easier it is to keep the back flat.


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great post. very informative. i pull extremely flat back...mostly from being an olympic lifter but also because of lower back problems. i've never tried iso reverse hypers...will do.

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During a near max pull you will find your upper back is going to round most of the time. Its just a fact of deadlifting heavy especially for conventional lifters. The part of your back you dont want to round is the lower back.