Maris Sternberg Steps Down As APF Illinois State Chair

Create: 07/13/2006 - 08:19
Maris Sternberg has stepped down as the Illinois APF state chairperson citing political infighting in the federation. Sternberg is being replaced by Eric Stone. Is this fallout from the APF Senior Nationals? Sternberg:

First of all. I would like to thank you all for your support. I will remain on the committee is Eric chooses. I just got fed up with all the politics and back stabbing that seem to be permeating the federation. I still intend to lift and compete so I will still see you all around. I don't think there is anyone more qualified than Eric to take over. Congratulations, Eric. I will always be available to help you. Love, Maris


Submitted by TheGymMuse on
Whenever a State Chair resigns or steps away in a dininshed capacity, to me, it is like losing a friend. I don't know Maris (never met), but her words ring true for many who dedicate themselves to the betterment of the sport. Why can't "WE" be just happy to lift and enjoy the commraderie of our fellow competitors? Why is it that the "me first" attitude has to slip into what is already a highly charged compeitive arena? And why not be glad to see someone else perform incrdible feats without tendering charges rooted in suspicion and indifference? And when called on, help. It is difficult to host successful meets without the assistance of like minded dedicated individuals. Good luck Eric! Lift..., what else?

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being from illinois, and doing several national and world meets i have grown to know Maris as a good person. always willing to help anyone who needs, As well as coach from the judges chair. She has even told me what my next attepmt should be on several occasions. She will be greatly missed around the state, But on the other note Eric Stone is also a guy i have competed with and started lifting with long ago. he is truely dedicated to the APF in Illinois and i think he will make sure that it is represented the way it should be for many years to come. Maris we will miss you and Eric good luck.

Maris is one of tha all-time greats of the sport. She's been a role model to many lifters. Here in Illinois, she's been even more: a leader, an inspiration, a coach, a friend. Illinois APF members know the history of the federation, and Maris' vital place in it. For all lifters, Maris set the example of standing up for what's right, and of putting the lifter first. It's unfortunate that ugly politics would lead to her stepping down as state chairwoman. Illinois will continue to be in capable hands with Eric Stone.

Submitted by Barry Williams (not verified) on
Had the opportunity yo meet her in Vegas. There's a whole lot of personality in that little woman. She seemed to be as stern and fair as she was fun to talk to. Good luck finding a replacement for her.

Maris will be missed as State Chairman. She really was not fully appreciated for all the work she has done for the federation. She is one of the original APF memebers, and even helped write the rulebook. No doubt that I will have big shoes to fill, but I will do my best, with her help.