Max Misch RUM VI Skills Evaluation

Create: 01/26/2013 - 22:14
With RUM VI well on its way, Max is preparing for the fight of his lifting career. With just a few short weeks left Max tested his current level of strength using his Sheiko training style... His contest bests include a 465, 270 and a 575 pull which added up to a solid 1310 total. In this skills evaluation he hit 470, 295 and a 590 to give him a 1355 gym total... Max may very well cross the 600 pound barrier at RUM! Check his performance:


Submitted by maxbm on
Thanks, J. Excellent facility you got there. I'll see you at RUM. Smile Chip, I intend to pull exactly 600 for my 3rd attempt, after a smaller meet PR of 578 or 584. At my previous meet in November, I was successful with 575 and then failed 585. The latter was my gym PR from one month prior. If I cut weight better for this upcoming meet, I should be good for that 600 at RUM.

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I like everything about this vid, except for their hats. Daniel Perfection Antonucci Roman God

Submitted by maxbm on
I knew you would give me shit about the hat, Dan. It was cold in there! LOL Thanks, Karl. Good luck with your training and meets.