Henry Thomason @ USPA Mr Olympia

Create: 10/01/2012 - 23:26
Wins Best Over-All Lifter Award (242-SHW) Also getting the highest score overall weight classes using the Schwartz Formula & Grabbing the biggest Total of the meet with 2325 lbs - Beating out Chris Pappillion 242 Scott Smith 242 and Alan Best 308 an several other pros. "I would like to say Thank You to Titan Support Systems , Atlarge Nutrition, Anderson Powerlifting, Bad Attitude Gym , Kingdom Power Gym, Steve Denison USPA , and everyone who supported me for this meet it was outstanding." SQ 821.21 - BP 799.17 -DL 705.47 TL 2325.85 @ 308+


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Great job Henry! Wilks formula was used. Henry had the highest Wilks score of the meet with 586.184. 2nd highest Wilks score was Daniel Tinajero in the 220 class with a 585.218 Steve Denison www.uspla.org

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Congratulations! That's awesome! Therese Janc ~ Redslife, LLC Public Relations / Marketing / Social Media NESTA Certified Trainer BNRG Sponsored Athlete True Iron Spokesmodel Phit Body Sponsored Athlete Www.redslife.com

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Congrats on your great lifting, and well balanced numbers in all lifts. Your bench is coming on strong and is only going to get better with a few good training cycles between meets. See you soon -

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Buddy McKee. Proudly sponsored by Titan Support Systems Inc. and 'Monster Barbell' Training Log: wannabebig.com / Pro Journals. "Mastermonster's Quest for the Records" Great job Henry! Awesome #s!!!