Mike Cross A Lightweight Legend

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Before there was Lamar Gant, there was Mike Cross! Mike the Tennessee native was a master in the pull for years pulling in excess of 550 at a time when no man had yet pulled over 600... Actually, no one has ever pulled over 600 at 123 but Lamar... and the young kid from Texas who since disappeared...However, during the early 70's Mike won many titles due to his deadlift. He would squat low to mid 300's bench around 200 and then pull 500+ deadlift to win a senior national title! Watch one of his best lifts from 1974 and a recent video of Mike today at 65 yrs young repping 200lbs in the squat.
Cross's Deadlift Record Link
Mike Today


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Jeans, the original power suit. Keep on lifting mike. J Hack. ... all things are possible to him that believeth.

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Mike competed in a number of national championships. He was normally behind at sub-tot, but had that great pull Mike was in a horrible car accident and was given little chance of making it. Not only did he recover, he returned to the national level. One of the best pullers of all-time