Brad Little SPF Pro/Am Results - 10x BW Total & #1 Coefficient Deadlift on Pro Day - 730@181lb

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From Brad Little of Berea Barbell: Brad Little began powerlifting after realize his height would be a limiting factor in baseball and a briefs MMA career. His first meet was the 2010 Powerstation Pro/am where he had a 1460 total @ 177lbs, including a 555lb deadlift. 3 months later he achieved his first Elite tota at 19 years oldl with a 1700lb total @ 177lbs and had a 645 deadlift. At the 2011 SPF Pro/Am he got his first Pro total at 20 year old with a 1785 total made up of a 680 squat/ 450 bench press/ and 655 deadlift @ 181lbs. At Sunday's SPF Pro/Am he achieved 4th place in the lightweight division with a 1835 total (10.14x BW)and got the best coefficient deadlift with 731 @ 181.00. This deadlift gave him the #1 ranked 181 deadlift. Videos: All 3 lifts -
730 DL -
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Thanks guys, I hope to improve my grip by December and get a little better deadlift.

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Buddy McKee. Proudly sponsored by Titan Support Systems Inc. and 'Monster Barbell' Training Log: / Pro Journals. "Mastermonster's Quest for the Records" Good lifting! Fast bench!